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iOS Alliance Missions Not Counting AGAIN - looks now fixed

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Aardvark, 2 July 2018.

  1. Same as usual, I was attempting 3 weekly tasks this time around, gets much harder if I don’t get credit for landings.
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  2. Not only alliance destinations.
    I landed 3 jumbos from Houston and not a single pass was counted
    I’ve also landed several TPs from SanFran - both alliance task and event destination - and ... nothing, zero pass, zero flights accounted for.
    C’mon GI! AGAIN??
  3. Not counting on my side too , and with all my Alliance team .
  4. Yes, same here, flights to Canary Islands and Maracay not counting.
  5. Lost 15 condors flights so far. How do you raise a ticket now? On iOS all I get is a chat option. Needless to say they aren’t chatting back!
  6. Found it......https://www.game-insight.com/en/support/form
    Now I’ll wait to be told that all is well! Really wish I’d never got addicted to this game. Truly appalling stability matched by the worst customer support I’ve ever come across.
    If you are new to the game quit now while you still can!!;)
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  7. Thought I had it made this week - all flights were counting fine - until just about an hour ago. Landed 6 turboprops, alliance flight counter went from 48 to 54, then quickly dropped right back down to 48. Like the fool I can be at times, I sent them right back out and used fuel for instant return. Again, went from 48 to 54, then back to 48. I thought - maybe it's just the turboprops (dreamer that I am), so I used fuel to land a condor. Count went from 14 to 15, then right back down to 14. :mad::mad::mad: Hoping maybe it's just a server issue, but I submitted a ticket anyway.

    @kgmcguk1 Try this link for your ticket. http://www.game-insight.com/en/support/form?lang=en
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  8. You beat me to it! :):):)
  9. Nevermind, you got it.
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  10. Thanks both, waiting for the Ministry of Truth to reply.......!
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  11. I t would be nice, if Ivan could give us some update information, why there are again and again issues with the alliance counts (I lost already half of my flights to Dhaka this week).
  12. I have the same problem
  13. Started on android same time. 5 am this morning. I've list 8 falcon so far. Submitted ticket for the good it will do!
  14. Cheers for the ticket sending link, I have the same one-way chat support that is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    I don’t have a subscription, but for those that do, do you get priority support? You would in most apps but I don’t know about AC, probably not as they never have any issues.
  15. Landed 4 jumbos, 2 powerful deltas, 2 deltas, 1 jet and 3 turboprops this morning. Over 2500 pass. Not a single one counted. bUT... with a 234 increase on the fireworks number! 231 from flights and 3 from my gift shops
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  16. Another ticket raised (#8411308). Wait and see.
  17. Try rebooting your device and see if they count then :wideyed::eek: :ROFLMAO:.
    Just kidding, don’t do that!
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  18. I just landed one and it's back. No idea if that was a one off or if they've fixed the issue they deny exists in the first place. Anyone else want to stick a TP or PPD in the air and find out?
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  19. Lol, smart thinking. I was just about to say, “quick, a narrow window has opened and you have somewhere between 10 mins and 3 days to launch. Spend 650 fuel and get your 13 giants in the air! Good luck!”
  20. Did so. It counted ( TP to SanFran)

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