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Android Alliance flight counters not working

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Allan Browne, 27 September 2018.

  1. I've been flying for about two hours this morning, using fuel and secret faucet for speed ups, but the counters are not reflecting the completed flights. My internet connection is good, so nothing to do with that.

    Is this something to do with the event coming to a close? If so, this is very frustrating to have used resources for nothing!
  2. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    I don't think it is anything to do with the event, it is a fairly long-standing occasional issue if you read through posts on here about it almost every week.

    Have you compared your Alliance mission flights counter to the number of flights to the destination in the ratings? If there is a difference there you could - if you can be bothered - open a ticket.

    I haven't experienced this problem for a couple of months now, but what I tend to do is:

    1. Avoid alliance mission flights on a Monday - which seem more prone to problems.
    2. Send two of tree flights and monitor the flights completed closely. If they don't go up or go up and then down, I leave it for another day.
    3. Check alliance mission flights against ranking flights as I have a tendency to think I have sent a lot more flights than I actually have!
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  3. But it might catch up. That is what has hapened to me this week.
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