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Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Husam, 15 June 2018.

  1. I would like to thank all those who have had comments on some of the members of the forum and have not registered their names in any public forum, but only sent private messages or by clicking to send a report.

    Those who mention the names of some members of public forums only for defamation please do not repeat this, here we are to help you make the forum in the service of everyone and for everyone not for personal purposes, all works diligently both staff and members.

    In the future, I will not hesitate to send a warning to anyone, please respect each other and to solve any problem rationally without rushing to take any decision.

    Reminder: please read the Terms of Service and Rules at the following link
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (y)
    If you have a complaint about me, please let me know and I promise you that I will not repeat the mistake again.
    Thank you all and wish you a good day.

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  2. imo you do a hell of a job to try to make us all happy...

    ~ Renaldo,
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  3. Three cheers for @Husam who is the ever optimist, an excellent diplomat and a calm and fair referee all rolled into one! (well the world cup is on!) (y)
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