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A secondairy way to stay in touch if and when forum is down

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by mo elbo, 28 August 2018.

  1. It would be great to have a secondary way to stay in touch with all the marvellouce neighbors from this forum if for some reason the forum isnt accesible for a period off time.
    i became so dependant of this forum that when it went down these cople of times i was so afread no longer to enjoy its benefits scared the s**t out of me
    And as i realised many of my neighbors are only to be reached thrue the forum
    So my suggestion would be that the admins (ore third party)create a facebook ore twitter page (and i dont mean those inactive once that are allready out there)(linked) to the forum so at all time we could be kept informed and comunicate should that be needed
    Iam open for all possible scenario's that could keep this bunch off happy players connected feel free to post idee's ore sugestions on an alternative way to stay connected
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  2. Last edited: 28 August 2018
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  3. I have both off those and the last message was april and just a bit ago to tell us wat happened after a few days off problems .

    i mean a realy active facebook page (hosted by a administrator ore player )were you get instant reaction off other members and were we can ask and get answers right away conserning every aspect off the game and forum
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  4. I've seen those facebook and twitter links, but never realized they were for OUR forum. Thanks for pointing them out @Husam So we do have a way to keep in touch if the forum goes down (at least for people with facebook & twitter).
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  5. Just need to make those facebook and twitterpages a bit more active because the last 3 facebookposts were 1 in oktober . 2nd post in march and the 3rd was today
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  7. They are only for posting if something happen to the forum (errors, the forum down, pages not open and other things ...etc)
    I dont thing so if we make these FB and twitter actives like other pages because the forum is the main for us, then we have to move there and this not an option also who can post there daily news.
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  8. Maybe we all of us who interest can make a second Facebook account (with our forum nicknames)just for AC and then we can create a AC team where we can communicate.
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  9. Exactly what i mean(y)(y)(y)
    And could be used to organize launches ore strategize about the game for those who are realy active on daily basis
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  10. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

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    Agent L
    Same here. I thought it was old GI account that got abandoned for some reason.
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  11. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
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