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11 November 2018
13 July 2012
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Well-Known Member, Female

mel was last seen:
11 November 2018
    1. Radu81
      Hi Meli,I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/FlHos/NvMod
      Do you accept me ?
    2. bjorn
      Hi Mel thanks for added me.
    3. rocky
      Hi meli3,
      My user name is rocky (dutyfree) (Level 32). We have been exchanging gifts for few weeks now and I just found you of this forum so I can get in touch with you. I need 2 x ergonomic chair and after that I will need fuel (20) all time. I can send you space engine x 2 and after let me know what you need.
      Cheers, rocky
    4. Ajay

      Add me as ur frnd. I have just started playing. Will appreciate anything you send.
      Code is : wcp7sxe

      I need : Dispatcher console, Flight goggle & text book.
      Please send it to me :(
    5. erees
      Sent you an invite. Do you have an updated Win-8 item gift list?
    6. ctedb54
      Mel, sent you invite. Please accept. Thanks. chris/item needed.
    7. vakuu
      Hi. Just sent you invitation. Can you accept it? :-)
    8. snowy70
      Hi. Added meli2. Please accept.
    9. pienicki
      Hi mel sending you shears now please can u srnd me lining plate next time thanks
    10. bew0072
      Hey Mel,

      Got my old game back up and running. What's your neighbor code so I can try and add you back in.
    11. pienicki
      @mel hi dont need bath towel please can u send me text book will send u p.r.transmitter again unless u want summit else check my sig thanks :-)
    12. pienicki
      @mel thanks for accepting please can u send me bath towel will srnd you pwerful radio trans if want summit else check my sig thanks
    13. pienicki
      Am adding u from my new game please accept me
    14. pienicki
      thanks for fuel please can u sende spare wire next time thanks
      1. olly 333
        olly 333
        Yes I've noticed you need this, that will be tomorrow to you
        13 January 2013
    15. pienicki
      hi thanks for passengers please can you send me spare wire ne t time let me know if i have any thing specific u need if not will send u some thing from ure sig
    16. pienicki
      please can you send me 1 bench thank you
    17. pienicki
      hi sent u old lantern please send me spare wire thanks
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  • About

    • Android
    • Windows PC
    Friend Code:
    Meli2-what I need most


    Meli2 - item needed / Usercode: a144j3v / Android
    Level: 60, stars:176, reputation: 8

    Meli3 - item needed / Usercode: 20elyvry / Windows 10
    Level: 39, stars:38, reputation: 6

    General: I play all the quests on both games. During a quest I prefer quest items.

    Items Meli2 needs:
    General: passengers, fuel, flight items, repair items and
    duty free are always welcome

    Item(s) Meli2 (Android) can send:
    VoIP Phone, Smart Glass, Airline Route Map, Fuel (3 units), fuel catalyst, disposable shampoo, computer, skin care products, paint, generator, album, landing lamp, radar, channel bar, fuel (20 units), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, robot tester, textbook, cognac, fuel supply, jet engine, whiteboard, fuel additives, power source, solar cell, additional radar, perfume, smoke detector, spare wire, hull parts, landing gear, oscillating beacon, flight catering, defroster, archive box, fuel hose, altimeter, spare propeller, deicer, grinding machine, wireless compass, washing machine, blanket, attitude indicator, tunnel freezer, earplugs, fruit lollipop

    Items Meli3 (Windows 10) needs:
    General: passengers, fuel, flight items, repair items

    Item(s) Meli3 (Windows 10) can send:
    Passengers (5 units), fuel (3 units), fuel catalyst, all-inclusive bracelet, video board, imprinter, skin care products, paint, generator, travel guide, landing lamp, writing table, sandbag, fuel (20 units), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, security camera, filled candies, fuel supply, aircraft tire, calculator, fuel additives, isolator, spaceship launch console, additional radar, perfume, ergonomic chair, spare wire, stamp, passenger chair, oscillating beacon, flight catering, weather display, navigation module, transmitter, fuel hose, altimeter, spare propeller