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Leionard Morais
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19 November 2017 at 07:34
18 September 2017
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Midwest USA

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Leionard Morais

Member, Male, from Midwest USA

Leionard Morais was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, 19 November 2017 at 07:34
    1. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      to send something open your neighbour list, click on a neighbour gift box in the lower left hand corner. This will open your inventory, select the gift you want send and then send button.
      Your gift will be automatically sent.

      the hands holding together means that you have selected them as a special friend. Whenyou use the same button on the top of your neighbour screen it will load your special friend list.
    2. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      this is a profile message. I accepted your invite, next time my gifting cycle reset i will send you some tesla rods.
      1. Leionard Morais
        Leionard Morais
        Next how do I send yout items?
        20 September 2017
      2. Leionard Morais
        Leionard Morais
        I know to send the inventory that I have accumulated, there is a used button on the lower right. What how do I activate it?
        20 September 2017
      3. Leionard Morais
        Leionard Morais
        Also, on my friends list there is a button that looks like two hands holding. What is that icon for?
        20 September 2017
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    Midwest USA
    • Android
    • Facebook
    • Windows PC
    Friend Code:



    MFriend Code: 04n6zuu7, (If you don't PM me before sending your invites, I will not accept you. I am deleting people whom have not PM me. Now I am only accepting friends who PM me on the forum so we can know each other and what our needs are.)

    Support account friend code: 205ysa7i. Do not send event items to this account. Below will be items needed. It will be in Blue.

    2 Support Account friend code: 04xq5dej. Do not send event items to this account. Below will be items needed. It will be in Green.

    Level 55, Stars 108, Hearts 7
    Level 33, Stars 54, Hearts 6
    Level 12, Stars 15, Hearts 3

    Items need for main account: Red is priority, Deicer, Oscillating Beacon, Navigation Module, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Landing Lamps, Fuel Catalyst,

    Town Hall Level 7: 2 Office Chairs, 4 Fax, 3 Laptops

    Mission Control Center 3: 4 Horn Antenna,
    Baggage Hall: 2 Calculators

    Do not Need airplane spiked tire or passengers, please do not send.

    Items I can send:

    Building Items :
    Pneumatic Cutter, Horn Antenna, Laptop, All-inclusive bracelet, Imprinter, Generator, Great Shots (pic), Copy Machine, Rope Block, Video wall, Assembly Robot, Security Camera, Wide Angle Binoculars, Insulation, Solar Cell, Cash Counter, Defroster, Master Plan, Controller, Dryer, Blanket, Crucible,

    Flight Supplies :
    Passengers (5 & 10), Fuel catalyst, Paint, Massive Spotlight, Landing Lamp, Powerful radio transmitter, Fuel Supply, Aircraft Tire, Fuel Additive, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Hull Parts, Landing Gear, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Navigation Module, Fuel hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer,Wire Compass, Attitude Indicator, Ear plugs, Fruit Lollipop

    Items needed for Support account:

    Building items:

    Baggage Hall Level 2: 3 Ergonomic Chairs
    Terminal Level 5: 1 Whiteboards, 3 Ergonomic Chairs, 3 Smoke Detectors
    Hotel: 4 Bath Towels, 4 Bath Towel, 4 Disposable Shampoo, 4 All-Inclusive Bracelet

    Items I can send from support account:

    Building Items:
    Heliograph, Safety Cone, Fire Extinguisher, do not disturb sign, air conditioner, generator, great shots, Channel bar, video wall, flight helmet, Stapler, Power source, Spaceship Launch Console, Ergonomic Chair, Laser Cutter, Packaging Machine, Master Plan, Air Vent Filter,

    Flight Items:
    passengers (5 & 10), fuel Catalyst, cockpit glass,
    ice detector, Landing lamp, radar, powerful radio transmitter, space engine, fuel supply, Aircraft tire, Fuel additive, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Passenger Seat, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, navigation module, Master Plan, Fuel Hose, Gryoscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer

    Items I can send from my 2 Support Account:

    Building Items: Do Not Disturb Sign, Computer, Pearl Earring, Generator, Album, Copy Machine, Channel Bar, Video Wall, Assembly Robot, Guessbook, Eau-de-Toilette,

    Flight Items: Passengers (5 &10), Fuel Catalyst, Cockpit Glass, Stabilizer, Landing lamp, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Fuel Supply,