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Feb 14, 2014
Sep 13, 2013
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Feb 14, 2014
    1. pharell
      hi...thanks for the optical system....i still need 3 of them....
      i sent u flight helmet n then i'll send u dispatch console tomorrow....
    2. pharell
      hi @Creatonist

      i just added u to my game AYEN***

      pls add me n help out with what u can...

      thx so much, dear....
    3. vakuu
      Hi, can you send me invitation? :)
    4. olly 333
      Hi, I've just added you, please accept me?
      1. olly 333
        olly 333
        Did you received my request?
        Jan 17, 2014
    5. Juvenal
      Hi Creatonist.
      Because of the Thanksgiving quest can you send me navigation module in return. Thanks.
    6. pilotwifey
      I'm good on transmitters for now. I need reinforced frames, triple wires, the other kind of transmitter for fuel station, defroster space ship launch consoles, landing lamps, duty free passengers and fuel
    7. Juvenal
      Hi, I'm sending you invitation.
      I can give you : Archive Box, Cooling Chambers
      You can send me : Ergonomic Chair, Transmitter, Dispatcher Console
      1. Juvenal
        Thanks for ergonomic chair.
        I'm sending you back archive box
        Oct 21, 2013
    8. vakuu
      hi, can you send me invitation? :)
    9. Zanda
      Hi, my account name is zanda
      please accept me
      i could send you tour review
      thank you
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    CT 6: flight goggles,(2)
    Town Hall 7: Office chair (4), laptop (3), Fax (4), Mayor's Portrait (3)
    Terminal 7: Parking Meter (4), beverage cooler (4), wall speaker (4), arch metal detector (4)
    3 benches for a planned second stadium

    Any flight items always appreciated.

    Lost office chair and headset from my list after the latest update.

    Can send: fuel catalyst, bath towel, robotic mower, computer, skin care products, paint, generator, great shots, landing lamp, dispatcher console, handling line, fuel 20, powerful radio transmitter, spaceship engine, glass display case, filled candies, fuel supply, aircraft tyre, calculator, fuel additives, insulation, optical system, additional radar, perfume, ergonomic chair, spare wire, stamp, passenger seat, flight catering, oscillating beacon, weather display, navigation module, grey transmitter, fuel hose, gyroscope, spare propelller, de-icer, TV panels, office chair, parking meter, headset, wireless compass, washing machine, blanket.

    level 42, stars 106


    London, United Kingdom