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Alfonz Senki
Last Activity:
30 November 2017
21 April 2014
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Alfonz Senki

Well-Known Member, Male

Alfonz Senki was last seen:
30 November 2017
    1. Jay J
      Jay J
      Hello Alfonz,
      My minime game lost all neighbors and GI support said they cannot restore friends list.
      Would you please add minime (code: 040ghx0q )
      to your games?
      Thanks in advance.
      1. Alfonz Senki likes this.
    2. Bali Hi
      Bali Hi
      Thank you for the Goggles!!
      1. Alfonz Senki
        Alfonz Senki
        I'm happy that I could help :)
        20 August 2016
    3. Support4u
      Can you please add me: adhcvpl and sent me a washing machine? thanks in advance
    4. Loverboy Smith
      Loverboy Smith
      Thanks for the Fuel ! I'm a bit behind due to trying to obtain as many level 10 items in the break between events as possible . Will return to your main soon . LB
    5. free.surf
      Hi, as my game crashed and every neighbor was snatched away by GI can you please re add me in your list.

      I tried but it does not show me in waiting list.
    6. Sky -
      Sky -
      Please add me: I sent you the request.
      My code is: ahysz50

      Sky -
      1. Alfonz Senki likes this.
    7. PJW
      can you send Hand Dryers from 1 of you accounts, if you can, would you be able to send 4 over.
    8. Jay J
      Jay J
      Hi Alfonz Senki. I just added both of your games to my games, jj & minime. When we became Sunshine Bay neighbors, I thought we were AC neighbors already. I have a neighbor A$, and I thought that was you. My bad... Will you pls accept my request? Thanks. :)
      1. Alfonz Senki likes this.
    9. greensmith
      Started a Sunshine Bay game on an Android device. Sent you an invitation from ThomasG.
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  • About

    • Android
    Friend Code:
    main: alnmgae, support: 04ms6v1e, 2nd support: a0o8r60
    main: AS-..... (the item I need the most), support: AS-no_gift!
    Playing since dec. 2013


    Level: 78, Stars: 577

    Items I need:
    fuel(20), fuel catalyst

    Town Hall: I'm at Lvl 9, no items needed!
    Repair Base: Finished!
    Pharmaceutical Lab: Finished!
    Terminal: Finished!
    Control Tower: All items needed

    New items I can send:
    Spiked Tire (main), Nano Coating (no_gifts), Tesla Lightning Rod (2nd_support)
    Sorry, I'm tired of updating my full list due to frequent changes.

    updated: 12/08
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