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New Profile Posts

  1. Lindy 1
    Lindy 1 a Moon
    1. a Moon
      a Moon
      ive request friend to you^^

      a chat room??
      16 March 2018 at 03:43
    2. a Moon
      a Moon
      ive sent the wrong id request
      the same photo on my game and facebook is the wright one
      16 March 2018 at 03:58
  2. Lindy 1
    Lindy 1 a Moon
    Hi Moon!!!!
    1. a Moon
      a Moon
      16 March 2018 at 03:35
  3. fertob
    F20 and Landing Lamp
  4. Harcourt
    Current Needs, Fuel20, Ereader, Earplugs, Wireless Compass, Landing Lamp. Thank You
  5. GAB
    Changed username from GlennArnold to GAB
  6. GAB
    GAB Arggers
    Hi! Could you please gift back either sickle or horseshoe during the event? Do you still need beacons?
    1. Arggers
      Sure. I'm not doing the event, mind, so please don't send me any of their items. Nav Modules or washing machines please.
      13 March 2018 at 08:37
  7. TeresaLisboa
    TeresaLisboa Robobobo888
    Is everything ok with your game? I just tried to visit your AC from my gift support and got a warning (something like, your neighbor must be using an outdated version)
  8. Chazzy999
    Chazzy999 Robobobo888
    I sent you a neighbour request. Please accept!
  9. Chazzy999
    Chazzy999 benfly123
    I'm just back form a launch. Please add me as your neighbour my code is 04tw835l
  10. LjGibbs
    LjGibbs Dave
    @Dave sorry to bother you but the forum has been playing up all day with error messages and resource limited reached - not sure if you're aware already?! :)
  11. Liam Dobczinski
    Liam Dobczinski AJ
    Can you unblock me short? I will tell you a message, its better if not anyone read them.
  12. c4cache
    c4cache xuanmao
    What is your game name?
    1. xuanmao
      9 March 2018
  13. Liam Dobczinski
    Liam Dobczinski AJ
    Hey, can you add me or still angry about me?
    1. AJ
      042q5tbu ;)
      10 March 2018
      Liam Dobczinski likes this.
  14. DarekK
    I love this game. :)
  15. fertob
    fertob Chazzy999
    Hi Chazzy,
    Have sent you a neighbour request. Thank you very much. (y)
    1. Chazzy999 likes this.
    2. Chazzy999
      9 March 2018
  16. fertob
    fertob nick6901
    Hi Nick,
    I've sent you a neighbour request. Need an active neighbour from the forum. Thank you very much. (y)
    1. nick6901 likes this.
    2. nick6901
      8 March 2018
  17. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies Pit1024
    Hey Peter, I see you have a QL open. Do you want help? I can join with another so we have 3 qls. He is your neighbor, A MC. I do not need 1st you guys can rotate
  18. AJurgen.03temowb
    AJurgen.03temowb Dafsade
    Thx for your launch support and the support in general!!!
    1. Dafsade likes this.
    2. Dafsade
      thank you for your launch ! you are more than welcome !
      7 March 2018
  19. Captain WH Rollins
    Captain WH Rollins AshPort
    Have just keyed in your friends code - Regards Captain WH Rollins
  20. fertob
    fertob Captain WH Rollins
    Hi Capt.
    Would you mind if I added you as a neighbout for future launch? My code is 04bgl70c
    Thank you.
    1. Captain WH Rollins
      Captain WH Rollins
      Many thanks for your request - I have just keyed in your neighbours code - Regards Captain WH Rollins
      6 March 2018