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New Profile Posts

  1. Captain WH Rollins
    Captain WH Rollins Jeremiah
    Hello, have just gifted another gift to you, Lining Pate, will gift again tomorrow morning - Regards Captain WH Rollins
  2. Kalbo
    Kalbo B17 Flying Fortress
    Hi, I would like to be neighbours. I saw you ll launch later on and need few more so . Thx in advance! Kalbosaurus
  3. sportybear
    sportybear vayka1
    add me on your AYON1 game and i can help you....i already sent a friend request : SC-tesla-fuels
  4. ChippyTea
  5. Kendra
    Kendra FrequentFlyer24
    Hi - I sent you a request from Kendra2. This account also has a QL active. :)
  6. sportybear
    sportybear Mario's Dad
    what is your friend code....i got QL...would like to join the party...my friendcode is sportychub and my nick is tesla-fuels
  7. sportybear
    sportybear Navigata07
    sent you a neighbour invite, pls accept, would like to join in the QL party...thanks...
    1. Navigata07 likes this.
  8. sportybear
    sportybear B17 Flying Fortress
    added you as neighbour, pls accept...would like to join in the QL party...thanks...
  9. wwo55
    wwo55 Free2Play
    Hi Ivan, iOS11 provide a possibility to track navigation by GPS even in an Airplane mode. Even worse - it changes time zones in the air.
    It means your player will have a possibility to change time zones automatically without any mainual actions.
    1. Free2Play
      I'm not sure we can do anything about it, but we'll check.
      17 November 2017 at 18:05
  10. Neil ellor
    Neil ellor Bali Hi
    Could send me you your game codes as I don’t have any on my Ne2 game and I would like to join in with the qls
  11. Cosmic Blue
    Cosmic Blue sportybear
    sportybear did not receive your invite, try again if there is a problem, i will send you an invite.
  12. Husam
    Husam AJ
    Thanks for your support and QL that was awesome.
  13. Captain WH Rollins
    Captain WH Rollins Jeremiah
    Hello, have just gifted Insulation, will gift again tomorrow morning - Regards Captain WH Rollins
    1. Jeremiah likes this.
  14. sportybear
    sportybear Henryporter
    can help u with the launches....r u looking ar finishing in the top for the launched?
    1. Henryporter
      Hi! I´m pretty much done with the mission but feel free to add me anyway ;-)
      17 November 2017 at 07:42
  15. sportybear
    sportybear Bali Hi
    added you as neighbour....pls accept...need help with QL launch...
  16. Flayer6
    Some people doodle. I AC.
  17. sportybear
    sportybear Cosmic Blue
    am sending u a neighbour request...hope to join the QL party...thanks
  18. Cosmic Blue
    Cosmic Blue Bali Hi
    Thank you Bali Hi for the assist and I accepted your 3rd game. Will be launching again tomorrow, join in when you can.
    1. Bali Hi
      Bali Hi
      I was going to activate a QL just now, but my home internet is not working well and I could not activate it. I plan to use a QL this weekend, so I will look out for you.
      17 November 2017 at 01:07
    2. Bali Hi
      Bali Hi
      Strange, my neighbour request is still pending, even though you have accepted. Can you please add Bali2 from your side (awgwds1)
      17 November 2017 at 01:16
  19. theo9859
    Wie kan mij helpen opwaarderen terminal 7 .wat voor items zijn er nodig
  20. theo9859
    Hallo medespelers .Airport code is 04uv05d1 naam A-1 Theo Twente