1. exman @ exman:
    @HNLairport, i think @Chloe111 is in there... probably have to work really hard
  2. exman @ exman:
    i'll be doing a blue launch in about 3 hrs if anyone wants a free ride
  3. exman @ exman:
    i meant Green
  4. exman @ exman:
    just got the 7.18 update this morning so i'm wayyyyyyy behind on the event
  5. Y @ Yimira:
    is there any other way to get the hydraulic tool to open ufo other than spending airport cash
  6. M @ methacrylate:
    @Yimira fly to Area 51
  7. AMRO @ AMRO:
  8. KhrysLo @ KhrysLo:
    I’ve tried doing my calculations today. I visited 3 neighbours and accordingly tapped 18 UFO Debris. It got me 8 GCs (44,4%). I didn’t count how many PCs I got but I found 2 collectible items for UFO collection (25%). 2 items out of 18 taps. I guess there is no pattern at all because yesterday I had a really poor luck and today it was well not that great but better.
  9. KhrysLo @ KhrysLo:
    What is the last task in the quest story? I mean the one after 10 movie theatres, seafood restaurants and book stores.
  10. Blitz7 @ Blitz7:
    @KhrysLo Last task launching Prometheus mission (Blue launch)
  11. KhrysLo @ KhrysLo:
    @Blitz7 thank you! I guess now there is no doubt that I need to upgrade my MCC and build LP2 :rolleyes:
  12. B @ BSword83:
    Trying to get Geiger Counters. I am afraid I will not manage to complete UFO Collections as item drop from UFOs is really low. If you have as gift, please help to Friend Code 041wffcm
  13. AvsFan @ AvsFan:
    @BSword83 sent FR I’ll send one tomorrow
  14. KhrysLo @ KhrysLo:
    Same as yesterday, I will gladly send Geiger Counters (right now can sand 10 for today) if you can send me GC as well. Friend code: 03zxknxet
  15. ChrisKouwenhoven @ ChrisKouwenhoven:
    I don't have a BlueLaunchPad yet (and at the moment no space to build one). Is it worth to try to free some up and build it to complete the Story, what is the reward for completing that part?
  16. Fly Holland @ Fly Holland:
    @ChrisKouwenhoven The reward is a bunch of sonic transmitters. Like for the other tasks in the side challenge. No additional reward for completing.
  17. ChrisKouwenhoven @ ChrisKouwenhoven:
  18. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @ChrisKouwenhoven if I remember correctly, the number of transmitters was 115. Not worth the effort you would have to go through to get it
  19. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @BSword83 I agree the drop rate is really low for geiger/debris ... but there is still 9 1/2 days in the event ;)
  20. KhrysLo @ KhrysLo:
    I’ve read theory that the less time to the end of the quest the higher drop rate. Question to experienced players who witnessed many quests: do you agree with it or is it just a wishful thinking? :unsure:
  21. M @ Major Tom:
    @KhrysLo I have sent you a FR; my code is 034zfn42r; happy to send and receive Geiger Counters.
  22. M @ Major Tom:
    @BSword83 I have sent you a FR as well; my code is 034zfn42r; happy to send and receive Geiger Counters but none left to send today.
  23. onurkübra @ onurkübra:
    red launch on ped with ql my code is 03lwrrt1
  24. Owumi177 @ Owumi177:
    GOP with 1ql
  25. uk_crunch @ uk_crunch:
    @KhrysLo I used to have a theory with space chests that if I left them there I had a better chance of getting the less likely items - no idea if it was true, trying that with a few of my gc's.....