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  1. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    Level 1 alliance, no
  2. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    But I see no alliances below level 9 in the top 10 right now
  3. David Vander @ David Vander:
    What about the top 50?
  4. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    Level 1?
  5. David Vander @ David Vander:
  6. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    which alliance is that?
  7. Ken Kyu Air @ Ken Kyu Air:
    Could it be “Let’s Fly” ? Level 6 Alliance but most of the pax is carried by a level 53 player with 400k pax
  8. Ken Kyu Air @ Ken Kyu Air:
    Seems a bit suspicious, reported (Of courses!)
  9. Nit Nit @ Nit Nit:
    How about "dead-eagles'?
  10. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    Has anybody experienced a launch going slower than it should? I checked my launch this morning and it was supposed to end at 11:40AM EDT. Now when I check, it's 12:00PM EDT
  11. Ken Kyu Air @ Ken Kyu Air:
    @Nit Nit That’s surely hacking
  12. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @Nit Nit I will be a minute or two late launching. It looks like every time I watch a video, it slows the launch by 30 seconds
  13. Nit Nit @ Nit Nit:
    no worries, I believe that time effectively "stops" when you watch an ad...
  14. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @Nit Nit I wish it would effectively stop real life too. I'm getting too many grey hairs :D
  15. A @ A-Flyin:
    Better luck this morning with GCs. 36 neighbor taps = 17 GCs. +2 from gifts = 19 GCs, resulted in 6 drops. I think 3 of those were Ion Engines, though, which I have in abundance. o_O
  16. A @ A-Flyin:
    Now need just two Stasis Chambers and one Hydroponic Plant to finish the quest. 🤞 for this afternoon.
  17. LuvCatsGames @ LuvCatsGames:
    It has been black hole generators holding me up. Finally got the first 2 yesterday. Another 3 and the blue launch I’ll be done finally.
  18. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    FREE RIDE blue launched
  19. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @Hayz are you joining? If you don't see it - restart your game
  20. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
    @Hayz ?????
  21. Chloe11111 @ Chloe11111:
  22. Laurèns92 @ Laurèns92:
    Thank you Chloe11111 for the launch 😀
  23. LuvCatsGames @ LuvCatsGames:
    Thanks @Chloe11111 !
  24. STNV @ STNV:
  25. Dee @ Dee:
    @A-Flyin I got 6 drops as well today! I needed two Black Hole Generators to complete, I got one. Woo! One more o_O
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