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    HI. I apologise for late response. Right now I am not looking for a change. I am happy in my current Alliance. I wish you luck finding someone, I know it's not easy. Mike
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    Rock The Sky 2023 Award

    Thank you
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    Riding The Comet 2023 Award

    Finished, thank you.
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    Easter Cheer 2023 Award

    Thank you
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    Who wants my game

    I was in your situation too. Stopped and returned after almost a year. I am glad I didn´t give the game to anyone. You have very nice city with some unique buildings you cannot buy or get right now. It would be shame to lost it completely.
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    April 2023 Trading Thread

    @Tencive - sent you request, would like to exchange F20 if you want.
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    It Came From Outer Space 2023 Award

    Event completed. Thank you.
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    A Walk in the Clouds 2023 Award

    Thank you.
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    February 2023 Trading Thread

    I am looking for three players who would like to exchange gifts daily. Please PM me if interested.
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    Airport City 2023 Award

    Not much fun with the hellis, but I am glad I finished this one.
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    Looking for daily trade partner

    Hi. I sent you friend request for both your games. Can exchange one daily gift. Thank you.
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    Red Launch Friends for launches

    Hello everyone. I am looking for some friends for Red Launches. I don´t know if this is the right part of the forum to ask, but if you want to add me, my code is 047k16vdy. Please tag me here so I know you are from forum. Thank you!
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    Gifts exchange

    Hi all. I am looking for trading partners. I have level 80 game. If you are interested please PM me. Thank you.
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    Hi. Is the place still available? If so what are the requirements please? I have just one game level 80 and believe I can carry about 100k. Thank you for lettimg me know.
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    Game over for A350

    Today is my last day of playing Airport City. I didn't achieved all my goals set years ago, but it's life. I want to thank all my friends, my alliance buddies, FR members and gift exchange members that gave me more fun playing this game during all those years. I wish you all the best and hope...
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    iOS Widget

    Thank you. This way it works. I was trying to add it to home screen but it seems this is not an oportunity.
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    iOS Widget

    Does anyone know if the Airport City widget is working with iOS15? I got new iPhone 13 and cannot find a way how to install it? Thanks for any help.
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    To all my trading partners

    I want to apologize to all my trading partners, but my phone is broken and I need to wait until it comes back from service. I will resume gifting once I have it back. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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