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  1. Dizzy

    Returning Player

    Welcome back i'll send you an invite in the game I show as Cosmic Wings
  2. Dizzy

    Airport City 2023 Award

    forgot to post the dark skies one when i did that i remembered this time
  3. Dizzy

    i'm on holiday so please don't remove me x

    i'm on holiday so please don't remove me x
  4. Dizzy

    Awarded 150!!! :)

  5. Dizzy

    Awarded 800 stars

  6. Dizzy

    Awarded 700

  7. Dizzy

    The Kitchen and Drinks Cabinet

    roast pork sunday lunch we are having a late one today but still doing all the trimmings
  8. Dizzy

    Issue Unusually slow loading times for forum?

    no i've noticed this too even after i cleared my cache and cookies
  9. Dizzy

    Rugby World Cup

    was totally blown away by Scotland's result in Saturdays game SCOTLAND 84 Romania 0
  10. Dizzy

    Celebrating 8 Years As A Forum Member And 9 Years As A Player of Airport City.

    Captain Rollins I take my hat off to you sir your are star well done on the hard work you do
  11. Dizzy

    Celestial Festival 2023 Award

    done and thanks
  12. Dizzy

    9/29 - Friday Bonus Time!!! 5AC This time!!!

    cheers mi dears
  13. Dizzy

    Awarded Four digit!

  14. Dizzy

    Rugby World Cup

    good result for Scotland
  15. Dizzy

    Rugby World Cup

    well we smashed it yesterday and Scotland play again today lets hope they can do this game would be nice to see them win Ireland beat South Africa yesterday too and of course Wales play today too come on the home nations
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