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  1. Jon Allen

    Easter Cheer 2023 Award

    I just managed to finish it this morning with 30 minutes to go! I was not expecting to finish it, But I woke up early and decided to try and get one or two extra stars from going up a level on two of the destinations that I was very close to getting . Then I realized how near I was, and so a...
  2. Jon Allen

    Holiday Rush 2022 Event Discussion

    I just got my first task to visit 10 neighbours Iceberg bars. so I got all 6 out from the warehouse. Visitors are welcome . GameCode = TokyoJon2015. ( Yes. that really is my game code. I started playing a long time ago. I did spend some real money on the game 4 or 5 years ago I think. ( not...
  3. Jon Allen

    Airport City Update Today 04-10

    its working for me now OK. I did not do anything different. just waited. I guess it must have been server issues at their end.
  4. Jon Allen

    Airport City Update Today 04-10

    I came to the forum to check it was not just me having the same problem.
  5. Jon Allen

    Education centre 2

    Yes. I have been playing this game far too long! I still have some screen shots from 2015 when I first started playing! Back in the day, you could chose your name.
  6. Jon Allen

    Education centre 2

    I've just upgraded my Education Center to Level 2. I also have one Education Center at Level 3 and Student Residence Halls: Level, 1,2 and 3. Feel free to add me. Friend code: TokyoJon2015 .
  7. Jon Allen

    Windows I can't view the Back to School event collections

    I had the same issue yesterday on IOS . but this morning when I started the game I got a message uploading part 2 of 2 , and now it all seems to work as expected. and the collections got updated too!
  8. Jon Allen

    Buildings for the event World of Wildlife 2022 - Greenhouse, Zoo in your town.

    I’ve got : Level 1 zoo *2 Level 2 zoo Greenhouse * 2 ( they are right on the main road in the middle of my city opposite the Alliance building ) Friend code TokyoJon2015. I’ve sent friend requests to several people with greenhouses in the thread.
  9. Jon Allen

    QL Places Decided Party QL Party Today 10am CST/4pm GMT

    I may not be able to join you this time , but have sent friend requests for next time.
  10. Jon Allen

    iPadOS iPad upgrade issue to 15.1.4

    yes , something strange has happened with Game Centre. It keeps on prompting me everytime I start AC about the features, and has a big button to continue.
  11. Jon Allen

    QL Blue Launch QL Party, Starting with 10 Blue Launches

    I might be able to join later. Need to wait 3 hours for my current space trip to complete Sent you a neighbor request Jon.
  12. Jon Allen

    Windows Beware of playing on multiple PC's/laptops ...

    I think it is to replace the Facebook version. I read somewhere the Facebook version uses flash , which is going to stop working on browsers very soon now. Not sure if there are many Facebook players on the forum who might be able to confirm ?
  13. Jon Allen

    Android Lost my neighbours

    did you try contacting GI support ? I lost all my neighbors, but they managed to get them all back for me.. ( though it did take almost a week... )
  14. Jon Allen

    Windows Beware of playing on multiple PC's/laptops ...

    I had exactly the same problem GI eventually fixed it after a week of chasing them every day. All my neighbors suddenly re-appeared and I was back in the alliance. I did not need to do anything. I did not lose any progress on the phone version, just all the gifts that I had pending. so, not...
  15. Jon Allen

    Game Over

    very well put. To have reached 1000 stars is an incredible achievement. hope you find a new game to replace it! Good luck in Bath. I grew up in a small town nearby , and I have many fond memories of going into Bath. I've been playing for an even longer period of time, and sometimes I wonder...
  16. Jon Allen

    Windows Task Glitch

    The issue started for me AFTER I tried to link my account on IOS to the http://game-insight.com online version. After I did that, once I started the game on my iPhone I got a message saying "you have been ejected from the alliance" and I have also lost all my neighbors. interestingly. I...
  17. Jon Allen

    Windows Task Glitch

    yes, me too.. same thing on IOS .
  18. Jon Allen

    QL Open Party QL's Today

    hi Charles. sent you a friend request. my spaceship will be back in 2 hours. will try and join your launches later.
  19. Jon Allen

    iOS update

    I wondered about that.. I thought someone had a QL , but it took the usual length of time. so what is a test launch ?
  20. Jon Allen


    Hi Mo Happy New Year. I have sent 3 FR. from TokyoJon2015
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