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  1. AKryztov

    Awarded 5 years to get here - 1000 Stars. :)

  2. AKryztov

    New moderator - Cayo!

    Welcome @Cayo
  3. AKryztov

    Superfast plane - 50 greenies

    If you've played for any length of time you would know that they offer them for 20 greenies on a regular basis. I would NEVER pay more than 20 greenies for the 50% livery. How much is G! paying you to say this? If you're paying 50 for each livery they better be paying you 3 times the normal...
  4. AKryztov

    General G! Ignoring Cheaters

    This This is the cheater "Thien". 2 hours ago "Azure3" was in first place and ahead by 30k points.
  5. AKryztov

    General G! Ignoring Cheaters

    A player named "Thien" (a level 48 player) just cheated my wife out of 1st place on this current event (Riding the Comet). His points increased by 130,000 in less than 1 hour.
  6. AKryztov

    General G! Ignoring Cheaters

    Yeah, this player is in one of those top 10 alliances.
  7. AKryztov

    General G! Ignoring Cheaters

    I understand that G! has their hands full, and are short staffed; but this is ridiculous. On the 4th day of this current Event a player took 1st place with an outrageous score and continued getting an average of 13,000 points every 2-10 minutes about 6 times in a row. I provided screenshots to...
  8. AKryztov

    Awarded 900 Stars

  9. AKryztov

    Special Tower of London Award

    Woohoo!! Finally got the Tower of London. Yay yay yay. I remember when I told a forum member that I was working on this collection after he asked me why I needed so many Landing Lamps. He said, "That's a long-term goal. Good Luck". Now I can begin working on the Eiffel Tower. :)
  10. AKryztov

    Windows How is this even possible?

    These 2 Russians have been adding in excessive points like this for the past couple days. They started out by putting in 50k and shooting up from below 10 place. Now they've been putting in 8 - 15k every hour. How is this possible?
  11. AKryztov


    My wife and I just want to say that everyone who has worked on the Wiki pages has done a wonderful job. We could name specific members who have dedicated themselves to this project; but everyone knows who you are - and all of you have excelled at the task. The work that was done on the...
  12. AKryztov

    Confused Gifters

    I think we have that same neighbour.
  13. AKryztov

    Confused Gifters

    Yes, we have noticed this as well. Like you, we usually look at their current game rather than returning from the gifts inbox. We will also change our name once we reach 80 on a requested item, knowing that we will continue to get said item for a couple days afterward. :)
  14. AKryztov

    Confused Gifters

    My wife and I have noticed a number of players (and not a small number) who have items on their name, but don't seem to understand the concept. These players may have VR on their name and if we send them a VR they will always return to us (despite what is on our name). At first we thought this...
  15. AKryztov

    Red Launch Hi Jacker

    I totally agree. Unfortunately, there are some players out there who purposefully hi-jack. Like Captain WH Rollins, we try to conduct our launches in smart and respectful ways. That said, we have had non-forum players who have put in just enough to stay in 2nd or 3rd place, and then would put...
  16. AKryztov

    Red Launch Hi Jacker

    Actually, it is a hi-jacking. True that putting in 1680 would have prevented any hi-jacking. By taking 1st place from the person who started the launch (who also had put in over half the points) - that is hi-jacking. Many players agree that once you have put in 576 points you have "claimed"...
  17. AKryztov

    Awarded 800 Stars!

    At least this event was good for something. I just reached 800 stars
  18. AKryztov


    Azure is interested. I can easily meet those requirements. I currently average 60k a week if I don't try.
  19. AKryztov

    Windows Dead Laptop !!

    That's really sucks. However, I will continue to send you one gift to your main. I hope you get this problem corrected without too much difficulty. Peace, AKryz & Azure
  20. AKryztov

    Cool Livery

    When do we get these liveries? :) Just sayin'
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