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  1. Crash and burn

    General My first Cloud Castle

    Look beautiful! Well done :)
  2. Crash and burn

    Windows Saving favourites issue, looking for suggestions

    Yep, @plane fan you are absolutely correct. Just chatted to the one of the favorites I lost, came online and playing the game, gone from favs!
  3. Crash and burn

    Windows Saving favourites issue, looking for suggestions

    Yes, you are one! Always scrolling to find you :) The majority are saved as expected. The same few are not. (Can't be #2 - only some) Did a little test; I logged in, selected you (and the others) as favs, visited Madlen then logged out. Logged in again straight away, and yes everyone was in the...
  4. Crash and burn

    Windows Saving favourites issue, looking for suggestions

    I think pley is useful. You can have an extra game for every email address you have :) Great for fuel and gifts (extra account to send from), but you can loose a lot of time working each game up :( In this specific case I am quite sure these neighbors have not been banned, I am in contact with...
  5. Crash and burn

    Windows Saving favourites issue, looking for suggestions

    Hi folks! I am having a problem with saving favourite neighbors on pley.com This only happens with a few specific neighbors. I can select them time and time again, and always visit Madlen before loging off, but have been unable to get the setting saved. Everything works fine, and the setting...
  6. Crash and burn

    Awarded 150!!! :)

    Yay! Finally made it to 150 :)
  7. Crash and burn

    Issue Unusually slow loading times for forum?

    I have the same issue, with a wired 900Mbps connection. Occurs on no other sites. Edit: But it only occurs on Firefox browser, not Brave! Will try clearing cache/data after I finish on Pley. <--- Worked :)
  8. Crash and burn

    Android Events ranking issues

    For sure I get your concerns. I have to admit when I decided to not take the tasks I wasn't thinking of the overall ranking list... I was trying to win. I thought of it as a strategy. Maybe I am wrong in doing so, I have made many mistakes. But I do think this may explain the situation you have...
  9. Crash and burn

    Android Events ranking issues

    I'm a new player, but just want to point out some may want to wait until the end to claim tasks. The last event I had 1600 points waiting to be claimed until the end (up my sleeve) as a backup. Not saying he did that (could be something nefarious) just there was 1600 points in tasks which you...
  10. Crash and burn

    Cinemania 2023 Award

    Yay :) Another one done
  11. Crash and burn


    Trying that right now. Lucky I'm not terrified of the R word :)
  12. Crash and burn

    Back to School 2023 Award

    Another one done :)
  13. Crash and burn

    Looking to trade ?

    Hi Drb, I have only 1 game, but gift daily. Not sure about ring games, I have 10 gifts remaining without mutual agreements.
  14. Crash and burn

    Fun Facts

    I got a WOW, so I though to add some details..... Left handed rotates plane polarized light (like through polaroid sunglasses) to the left, while right rotates it to the right. These chemicals are known as optical isomers, first discovered in 1848 in tartrates (wine diamonds) in the bottom of...
  15. Crash and burn

    The Great Game 2023 Award

    Thank you :)
  16. Crash and burn

    New to the forum, looking for neighbors here.

    Thank you, I have sent a request :)
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