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  1. david smith

    October 2023 Trading Thread

    9 months and Gi support hasent fixed my alliance issue on Gmrdr, that is why i quit
  2. david smith

    September 2023 Trading Thread

    I am sad to leave this game it was a fun 7+ years, I am leaving due to game insight support failure to fix gmrdr in over 7+ months, i'm sick and tired of the same answers: it will be fixed in next update or i'll talk to my coligues and get back to you
  3. david smith

    Cinemania 2023 Award

    completed please and thanx @Jenn B @Cayo
  4. david smith

    Windows leaving game after event

    tried that 180 days ago, evan x box support said its GI problem
  5. david smith

    Windows leaving game after event

    i've finly made a decision, i'm quiting the game due to game insitght support lack of progess on fixing Gmrdr, I've been waiting 180 days plus, to fix alliance flights issue and event premium pass. I removed all Alliance members from alliance, so they can find an active alliance, instead of...
  6. david smith

    Windows Lost Game ID

    sending invite from my BP game
  7. david smith

    Gameraders Alliance (not active)

    As of today i'm stop playing my Gmrdr tempory untill it can be fixed, and will now focus my time on BP game FC 331YR4H8V
  8. david smith

    August 2023 Trading Thread

    please read input would be helpful https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/gameraders-alliance-not-active.51863/#post-593045
  9. david smith

    Gameraders Alliance (not active)

    I had to boot all my members from my alliance due to GI support in action , not being able to fix alliance tasks for over 6 months, im mad as hell,Should i create a new alliance
  10. david smith

    Windows windows version game crashing all the time

    i've had the worst luck with gi support, i've been waiting 6+ months to fix my premium pass buy and alliance flight issue
  11. david smith

    World of Wildlife 2023 Award

    completed please and thnx @Jenn B @Paula
  12. david smith

    The Airport City Game - New Buildings Proposed For 2023

    where do i find the themed building at to get
  13. david smith

    Land of Opportunity 2023 Award

    completed please and Thanks @Jenn B and @Paula
  14. david smith

    The Tribez

    havent played in awhile
  15. david smith

    Gameraders Alliance Getting Fu** over

    In Januarary gameraders alliance lost all flights, so I contacted GI support, i gave them all info, including from what windows gave me. They finly said they were looking into it, and it would be fixed in updates that was over 6 months, and no fix
  16. david smith

    Windows no alliance flights

    i'm still waiting for support to fix alliance flights, its been over 6 months, i'm not holding hope they will fix it
  17. david smith

    Windows unable to purchase again

    i've had premium pass issue for over 1yr, its not a windows problem, i contacted windows first. they told me it was the game its self, i've been waiting for gi to fix it
  18. david smith

    Green Launch Gmrdr gop

    1096 of 1600, capt taken others open
  19. david smith

    Riding The Comet 2023 Award

    completed please and thanx @Jenn B and @Paula
  20. david smith

    BP lookin for an new alliance

    need an alliance that does tasks
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