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    Valley of the Kings Curse: Doubt?

    Of course you can get 7000 masks in 10 minutes. And in a moment It is enough to complete tasks 2 and 3 to reach 8 daily tasks and it will give you 6860 masks. If you added the first task at the same time, it would be 180 more; total 7040. But all this would be ONCE a day. However, I am observing...
  2. K

    Valley of the Kings Curse: Doubt?

    I throw this question in case someone has the answer: How can you get 7000 masks every 10 minutes?
  3. K

    Windows Dark Skies. Big Issue!

    Sorry. You have to activate the Soul Net.
  4. K

    Windows Dark Skies. Big Issue!

    You have to activate the crystal ball (6 minutes) and the black specters will appear. Then you can use the sprays.
  5. K

    Friday Bonus, 15 Oct 2021

  6. K

    QL Open Party EPIC record breaking launches - COMPLETED

    Happy to participate. Request sent from my main kpkp2.
  7. K

    Eagle/Jumbo/Giant/TBird and Toledo alliance destinations

    This week I am flying to Varanasi. Too bad that two weeks ago I flew to Santo Domingo ...
  8. K

    iOS Flights to Busan / Cinemania event

    I dropped an article and it didn't count either.
  9. K

    Mini new repair ring

    I'm interested. If there is still room, count on me.
  10. K

    Temporary event gift ring (FULL)

    @Wasted Eagle I'm interested if there's still room available.
  11. K

    iOS daily reset missing

    No problem. It happened to me several times. Regards.
  12. K

    Android & iOS - Weekly Trading Thread - September 4, 2017

    @Pit1024 Yes. Received. Thx.
  13. K

    The Great Game (2017) award

    Event completed. Thanks.
  14. K

    Looking for one new member - Boarding completed - new member found

    I would be very happy to join your Alliance. Currently + 50 / 60,000 each week. Regards.
  15. K

    Consistent alliance needs 1 more

    I would be delighted to join your Alliance. + 50 k. weekly. kepakepa.
  16. K

    Dancing With Leprechauns (2017) Award

    Event finished. I will continue to send horseshoes until the last day. Thank you all.
  17. K

    The spring has come 2017 award

    My first Event ended since I belong to this forum. Thank you.
  18. K

    Updated Guide to Destinations that Require Maps

    Great job. Very helpful information. Thank you very much.
  19. K

    Welcome kepakepa to Airport City Game!

    Hello everyone. Thank you very much for accepting me on this forum. Actually my level of English is very low and this prevents me from interacting fluently with the members of the forum (I will take the hand of the Google translator). I am a daily player of AC for several years. I hope I can be...
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