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  1. Cosmic Blue

    Neighbors needed!

    sent friend request.
  2. Cosmic Blue

    Windows Re-Connecting With Forum Members As Neighbours

    Captain Rollins resent you a request to be neighbors again. Thanks
  3. Cosmic Blue

    A memo for residents of Europe and anyone else who does not speak Russian. who will interrupt the 1-2-3 place in the Russian-speaking rocket, with 57

    @Igor Please post in one thread and do not try to take over other threads. have deleted the original post from other people's thread. Thank youi
  4. Cosmic Blue

    Holiday Rush 2020 Award

    Please post screen shot which is missing.
  5. Cosmic Blue

    Windows Game transfer

    i know that but GI has tighten up their restore function to the point where a tag in the game identifies the computer, google account and version last saved. Any change could mean that you can be accused of time travailing.
  6. Cosmic Blue

    Windows Game transfer

    @cazmillon the game is linked to your goiogle account not to a computer. It does not matter if you use that computer or a different one. GI will know because it will not match the time stamp oin their server from the last saved game.
  7. Cosmic Blue

    Windows Game transfer

    No, problems but from some of the posts here I understand that GI may be blocking restores that do not use their restore feature.
  8. Cosmic Blue

    Platform and Runway suggestion

    GI is trying for realism but they don't always get it right. Same thing for city side with the roads that are not connected.
  9. Cosmic Blue

    Platform and Runway suggestion

    airplanes use both ends of the runway depending on the wind direction that is why they are usually number R=Right L=left. so that they can use either end of the runway.
  10. Cosmic Blue

    Removing LaunchPad

    Later on where are you going to find space. Try to put them in an out of the way corner with no roads until needed. It is better then paying to store them and then when you need them you have no space available.
  11. Cosmic Blue

    Removing LaunchPad

    blimp or airship as you call it will be very necessary when you reach upper levels. Fuel station is a required building for upper levels. Other building you currently find useless maybe required later. GI does have some useless buildings but most serve to drop items or are necessary for quests.
  12. Cosmic Blue

    Removing LaunchPad

    sorry no, they are unique buildings which cannot be deleted.
  13. Cosmic Blue

    Commercial buildings

    He is taking about 10, 000 Indian rupees which is about $ 134 USD some building already do that. unfortunately he does not understand that the coins generated by the game have no real monetary value.
  14. Cosmic Blue

    Ads not loading

    thread moved to correct forum
  15. Cosmic Blue

    Real quest or bug?

    yes, that is a real quest most of the long term players have done the quest.
  16. Cosmic Blue

    More Control

    you still can do it but it invoves a few more extra steps to do it.
  17. Cosmic Blue

    what does the "radius" associated with some buildings, do?

    it means the surrounding area for x units gets the benefit. As you know each piece of land consists of 4 X 4 units if you have a 2x2 building with a gift radius of 1 . it means the 12 units around the building get the benefit of the gift.
  18. Cosmic Blue

    Windows advanceing through back to school event

    when paying for the bonus option you can skip 5 levels at first and then continue with one level uuntil ouu finish level twenty. but the cost will be around $ 15.00 Canadian.. Most people use this option when theyy are at level 13 or 14.
  19. Cosmic Blue

    Back to School 2020 Award

    medal awarded until Dave overrides.
  20. Cosmic Blue

    How to do Space Launches (with pictures)

    If you join someone else launch with a QL, you will get the benefit from it by having a shorter flight time. you do not have to run a ql if you are joining someone else QL launch.
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