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    Is Airport City Declining?

    Well, as an old player, I simply lost interest in the game. I lock on a few times a day, but before it was quite interesting. Today, when you reach level 80, and no new levels for years, no new goals besideds stars, its all the same - same events, same all over. colors on planes - great news or...
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    Windows no ads in windows anymore? do they really mean it?

    You now need to mamage Russian to play the game
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    Maybe GI Improvements Will Happen In 2nd Half Of 2021?

    @navigata. If you look at other games, free and purchase as well like AC, look at Big Farm mobile harvest. You can pick alliance with your own language, you can chat with them on line, there is no limits of levels, you have a chance to expand your store all the time, you can play on any...
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    WINDOWS PLAYERS - Long Awaited Mail 2021 Award

    Main game - only have this one and missed updates, events and so on. CPH
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    Upcoming May Events plus mid-week bonus code-*postcard4*

    Great news for Win players - then we can see what events we will miss as I doubt they will find a solution for updates.
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    Windows No visiting allowed and no update available

    I agree with @Andy B. When things like the ones with windows players - Comet - upgrade - Mail event - happens - it would suit Ur Quan to send some information about the situation and status. But no, no info from him, or someone from GI. We only hear from him ones every 40-100 day.
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    Special WINDOWS PLAYERS - Riding The Comet April 2021 Award

    Hi Windows player as well here. Been for many years.
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    QL Open Party EPIC record breaking launches - COMPLETED

    Would like to join. Can bring QL if you need.
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    iOS Bonuses disappeared

    Did so, it is not in the store, but found it under the add bonus buttom at the right side of the screen
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    iOS Bonuses disappeared

    Anybody else have problems with bonus items ?. Mine is gone - can't find all my bonus items
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    7.12 Update preview

    I speak for I am sure a lot of people. Why on earth do you release this before every platform is ready to update ? Windows is always the last platform to update, so a simple question is : when windows is ready for update - then release as all are equal. It does not make the game fair if someone...
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    silver member looking for top 50 alliance

    Looking for a stabile alliance. I do appx 70-100 pax / week
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    7.4 update

    Always, always, and always windows users are set back and the latest to update events. There must be a way to release all platforms at the same time so we all have a chance.
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    Windows Lost all progress in Riding the Comet after update to 7.3.2

    Hi Pete. Did you solve the problem ?. I made a ticket to Support but haven't heard anything jet. Nothing works for me regarding Apogee Missions.
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    Windows Lost all progress in Riding the Comet after update to 7.3.2

    Yes, did the same and are back to only 3 flown missions. Meteorite as well not counting when visiting. Just returned a mission - didnt count as well.
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    Update 6.8.34 out on IOS

    After the update on windows, I cant watch any videos at all - is this only me or ?
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    Windows Letters from Rome, Pyongyang, Berlin, Macao.

    Please check when flight returns from the above destinations, as my flights returned 2 times with no letters - ticket to GI sent. As well sometimes it shows that you dont get letters for the destinations - you have to close down the game some times before the icon with letters are visible again.
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    Pilots needed

    Hi. I am ready now ( too much work the past weeks ). Let me know how you will do this.
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