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  1. Ken Kyu Air

    Leaving this game for a while...

    Hi everyone, As you might have already noticed, I wasn’t quite active for the last 2 weeks. I was too busy with work. This game is fun but it gets boring after a while, everything is too expensive and events just aren’t as fun as they were. So I’d like to take a break at this and move on with...
  2. Ken Kyu Air

    Dark Skies 2020 Award

    Finished ages ago, but forgot to post 😅
  3. Ken Kyu Air

    Cinemania - Retro Movie Theaters / Hotel Triumph Spreadsheet

    @Andes Sent you FR from KenKyu1
  4. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    Main part of the party is complete but will be doing few more red QLs later on
  5. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    Blue is finished, sorry. But reds is on right now
  6. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    Plans for the next rounds (incase anyone wants to know when they can join which color) UTC 10:00 (in 10 mins) - there will be a combine 15 green and blue launches, eg. 10 green + 5 blue, depending on interests Break after that (for me to get dinner) UTC 12:00 - back to do more reds, about...
  7. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    check the launch chat ;)
  8. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    This party is starting in about one hours!
  9. Ken Kyu Air

    Multi-pad QL party COMPLETE

    Hi all, There will be an easy QL party tomorrow (Friday 16th October), starting at UTC 8:00. This party is quite unplanned so we’ll see how it goes. I will activate 2QL myself and would be glad if anyone can help add 1-2 more. (@Martin L.) There will be at least 30 RED launches, 10 GREEN and a...
  10. Ken Kyu Air

    World of Wildlife - Mission Details

    Founded a mistake and one missing info for the "world of wildlife" event page There are rewards for this event in 2012-2019, in which the event does not exist. Those are from back to school event. @Madge59230 @Chloe11111
  11. Ken Kyu Air

    Event Flight info needed

    Corsica - hawk
  12. Ken Kyu Air


    I’d say this group is very useful and convenient. I always ‘watch’ the main thread so every time there is a new code I get a notification. One more click will take me directly there. However, I think we need to promote this group more. 50 members isn’t bad, but I’d say we could get more. A few...
  13. Ken Kyu Air

    v8.0 is out - discussion

    same for me, noticed it a few days ago
  14. Ken Kyu Air

    Android Event Building...

    GI said they will change it in the next update
  15. Ken Kyu Air


    No. That’s the repair base, not Operative Hangar.
  16. Ken Kyu Air

    v8.0 is out - discussion

    We all noticed it, just no one pointed it out. Maybe it's just too obvious :)
  17. Ken Kyu Air

    v8.0 is out - discussion

    It seems to be a cloudy day today! :unsure: .... according to my city The parking space seems strange too!
  18. Ken Kyu Air

    So we pay to finish

    The leagues does not depend on the platforms. It depends on your game level. @Navigata07 @A350 You had a tough league because you are level 80 @Bryon had an easy league because he is level 39 Everyone in the league has level varies up to 10 levels apart. Lower Level = Lower competition That’s...
  19. Ken Kyu Air

    How To Sell Your Surplus Warehouse Buildings And How To Move Your Buildings Into The Warehouse Inventory (v8.31.24)

    A few buildings that I don't see: Table 3 - All the helicopter pads, they can be sold but not sure of cost though Table 4 - Student Resident Hall and Education center, both cannot be removed
  20. Ken Kyu Air

    Weekend code for September 18,2020

    It adds up
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