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    7.0 update is out

    But a parking lot consumes more electricity than a lv3 resource base seems weird and unrealistic
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    More than one plane arriving

    3 planes lining up while there are 3 empty stands
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    Android Flights completed in older version not counted for ranking and alliance mission

    I have a game of version 5.6.13. From around two days ago the completed flights are not counted for the weekly ranking nor the alliance mission. The number in alliance mission goes up but will soon goes down again in a few seconds. My other game of version 5.11.0 has no problem on this. I have...
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    AC new update - v.5.4.30 (iOS) & v. 5.4.14 (Android)

    My support game has the same problem, and I saw the following temporary solution from somewhere: Change the system language to English I changed to English and the game can load properly, however once I changed it back to my home language, it stuck at the loading screen again.
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    Is anybody else missing passengers this week in your alliance?

    Yes, my alliance passengers from android games also disappeared, but those from window desktop game stayed
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    New update - Down the Rabbit Hole (2016)

    Exactly, Spy glass is the pick. I used a Spy glass and get at least 3 knives from each neighbour, most drop 4 and a few even drop 5 knives! Cut some mushroom in own city with plenty of drops, one or two even drop all 5 kinds of mushroom and managed to complete 6 Russian Eggs in minutes. Also...
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    Monday March 28th, 2016

    Need all kinds of card for card hanger. I can send four of hearts and knife in return.
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    New update - Down the Rabbit Hole (2016)

    WYa(a2hkb4r) can gift Four of hearts and knife
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    Monday December 21st, 2015

    Need plenty of old lantern please I can send back Icicle, Old lantern and Heater
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    new update on Android: DON'T update!

    They already asked me to do so when my second game caught the 'all green lock' bug. I sent them the log more than 2 weeks ago and still got no reply from them.
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    New Android update

    No, they just compensate my lost without restoring things
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    New Android update

    I have just received 30 Airport cash and 312000 coins as compensation from GI due to the following So if you have lost anything in the reserve hanger or repair base, send them a ticket and you might be able to get something back
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    New Android update

    I lost 2 slots plus 1 giant and 1 jet plane in my reserve hanger. Just opened a ticket with GI and see what they come up with
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    Android Reserve Hangar BUG

    I lost another delta plane this way, entered a ticket last week and today I get 20000 coins back. You guys may try
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    Android That's not my city!!!

    You are not alone! Take a look at another thread: Game crashed, now I have someone elses airport!
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    Android Game crashed, now I have someone elses airport!

    I have got the same problem after installed Mirrors of Albion. It was finished when I was visiting neighbours. I end up with one of my neighbour's airport now. Ticket sent, and I hope to get my own airport back (although my friend's airport have much better feature)
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    PLEASE Ask For Confirmation When Purchasing with Airport Cash

    Not just unwanted repair slots, I've bought some unwanted repair item kits too. The worst thing is that even if you have some repair kit in the warehouse, in the repair speed up window you won't be able to use the stored kits, but to buy a kit, which you already have them
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    Dark Skies 2015

    I only got 1 drop so far (with 2 halloween shop and 1 cemetery and pumpkin patch)
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    Android Reserve Hangar BUG

    It happened to me as well. When the new hanger is under construction, the reserve hanger slot turn to blank. And when the new hanger is completed, the plane in the reserve hanger is gone! Luckily mine is only a jet
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    Friday October 23rd, 2015

    All kinds of quest items and quest flight items are welcome Thank you Quest item I can send: Aerosol
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