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  1. Deetee04

    Awarded 1400 stars!

    Working my way up to 1500…
  2. Deetee04

    Buildings for the event World of Wildlife 2022 - Greenhouse, Zoo in your town.

    3x Zoo level 1 3x Zoo level 3 3x Greenhouse All to find on my event square. Friend code Deetee03
  3. Deetee04

    iOS Game doesn’t start after update

    Same for me on Deetee03(IPhone), the game keeps saying “loading”. I tried close/open the game and device many times, even got a iOS update this morning but nothing helps. Is it save to delete the app and install again? And how did you do it? Just deleting the app or by clearing in the settings...
  4. Deetee04

    Awarded 1300 stars!

  5. Deetee04

    Awarded 1200 stars reached!

    Thanks for helping me Husam! But that was not the reason for the extra 15 stars. See my other reaction!
  6. Deetee04

    Awarded 1200 stars reached!

    You are right, the indicators for three, two and one star don’t count towards my total amount of stars. But there is a reason for that and I am not the only one. For some destinations I got 4 or more stars so my total is always 15 stars more. But I deserved them honestly, let me explain: 1. The...
  7. Deetee04

    Blocked for having too many meals in storage

    Today(after almost a month) I finally received a proposal for unblocking my game. It is not bad but does not compensate all flight items I will loose and wanted to use for 3-starring alliance tasks and maps. So I will take a while to think about it.
  8. Deetee04

    Blocked for having too many meals in storage

    Same situation for me.... blocked after playing almost 9 years daily and fair. Spending real money for a gold subscription, leading the Fair Play 500 (!!!!) alliance and enjoying the game with AC forum friends all over the world. Did I make any mistake or cheat? No! Did I accept the 100 limit...
  9. Deetee04

    QL Open Party EPIC record breaking launches - COMPLETED

    Hi Chloe, Ofcourse I will join this party! Great idea! I also took part in Robby Kusuma's project. Cheers, Dick
  10. Deetee04

    8.5 Update is out

    I miss the new event destinations introduced for Halloween 2019: Norfolk Island, St.George's, Plymouth and Fukoka. Maybe forgotten by GI.....:rolleyes::)
  11. Deetee04

    Awarded 1200 stars reached!

    Can you please give me a new banner? Thanks in advance😊
  12. Deetee04

    Update 8.3 is Out -- Dark Skies 2020

    Same situation for me! I noticed it too after completing the collection twice without result. I had 139 Chrystal Balls and bringing them back to 99. Believe me, I see a lot of ghostplanes😂
  13. Deetee04

    Update 8.2 is out - Cinemania

    Thanks Eric, then I will do the update!
  14. Deetee04

    Update 8.2 is out - Cinemania

    Are the Zoo event flights still available in the update? And are there cinemania event flights? I doubt to download the update....
  15. Deetee04

    Players with support games needing to grow.

    Have send requests from both, Deetee03 (main game) and Deetee04 (support).
  16. Deetee04

    Players with support games needing to grow.

    My support game (Deetee04, 20nz2h1b) is not in an alliance at the moment. I use this game to support my launches and sending F20 to Deetee03 and my alliance members in Fair Play 500. Support game is not daily active and not in need to grow fast but 1 task a week is easy, so I can help you...
  17. Deetee04

    Alliance mission destinations

    Hi Dan! I appreciate your suggestions and I want to make sure that I don't bother to spend some greenies. I like AC for a long time and have a gold subscribtion since it was possible. To make progress in the game and finally finished it there are a few goals: level 80, completing all events...
  18. Deetee04

    Alliance mission destinations

    Maybe it is suggested before but my biggest problem are the random weekly alliance missions. As a veteran and starchaser (1147 stars, playing since 2012) I have already three stars for every regular/adventure(maps)/space(maps)/helicopter flights. Almost ready with 3-starring all event flights...
  19. Deetee04

    General who is this player A_Y_f20_ no event

    I missed the bug but have 6 rocketparks on my airport and 243 in warehouse. Without cheating, just playing since 2012 and doing al lot of launches over the years. Only not that much space to place them, maybe for 25 or 30. But as I said, I missed the bug.....:cool:
  20. Deetee04

    Update 7.22

    Thanks! Then I don't need to spend greenies to complete it quick and save fuel.
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