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  1. V

    Awarded 1000 stars.

    I did it on April 12, 2022. And today I have reached 1100 stars.
  2. V

    Awarded 1100 stars

    Hello. It so happened that I did not report my achievement of 1000 stars. But 1100 stars also looks nice!
  3. V

    Awarded 900+ stars

    Collected about 400 stars for this year. This year in the game was successful. Good luck and Happy New Year!
  4. V

    Awarded 800 stars

    The anniversary event helped a lot to reach the level of 800 stars.
  5. V

    Awarded 700 stars

    Last post about 600* was 3 mounth ago…
  6. V

    Awarded 600 stars reached

    One more step to forward …
  7. V

    Awarded Club 500

    My new stars level is 500.
  8. V

    Awarded Star club

    My new level stars. Now 350.
  9. V

    Awarded вVitCR

  10. V

    Welcome VitCR to Airport City Game!

    Hello. I’m glad to join AC forum! I’m playing since august 2019. I’m looking for more info about game, lunches and alliance.
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