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  1. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded 100 dozens of stars

    OMG, I have to think about the next milestones :) Thanks much to everyone helping me to achieve this one and especially this forum is awesome for planning and to keep me motivated to fly forward :)
  2. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded 1100 milestone achieved and aiming for another stars

    Thanks a ton to all friends for all their gifts and community enjoying the game still despite all the issue with the GI support team. Without Wiki (cheers @Chloe11111 ) it would be much more difficult to plan and be ready for ...
  3. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded “A picture is worth a thousand words.” [ stars :) ]

    Using Napoleon´s quote I would like to share with you I have joined the club of purely dedicated/addicted players. Took a bit longer (since 2012) than originally expected, but it worth the feeling. Thanks forum admins for nice badge and all friends for their help and community to keep me in the...
  4. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded Race continues

    Happy to share that I have reached another milestone on the hunt for magic 1000 stars level. Thanks to all my neighbors for gifts and forum admins to keep this forum up and running, being tremendous help in proper planning and thus allowing to balance limited resources.
  5. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded 800* and counting

    Thanks much to the community and to all my friends to break this target. Due to the new event format it came earlier than expected...
  6. Pavolko_Gun

    Awarded Made it

    It took me a little bit longer than originally expected to get to the 700 stars milestone. Since December 2016 when I got to 681 stars we are speaking about 56 months!! Considering the fact the game was lost 3 times since end of 2012 it is not that bad. Last time started from scratch in March...
  7. Pavolko_Gun

    Ufofly alliance is looking for you!

    Do you want to try to fly in top10 alliance? The team is very friendly and we are looking for one more member to join under following requirements: Facebook messenger to be able to join our alliance and strategy forum min. 150k PAXs per week min. 300k PAXs for burst weeks (once per 10 weeks to...
  8. Pavolko_Gun

    Ufofly (lvl 8 and top 20 alliance) is looking for new pilots

    Ufofly alliance is leveling up ... We are searching for pilots that are serious about advancing and developing their game to a new level. We offer a strategy, support and a social alliance chat groups. A team of helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly pilots who can help you bring your game to...
  9. Pavolko_Gun

    4 QL session on Saturday 28th at 10 a.m. UTC

    We will do 40 launches in a very fast speed. If you are going to join, please let me know in advance (being my neighbor). There is only one rule: maximum allowed contribution is 576 points. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  10. Pavolko_Gun

    June 21st, morning time GMT+1

    Hi, we are planning to make a multi-party QL launches. The aim is to make 50 red launches in one hour with fair split of 1st places between the QL holders. I have 3 QLs total at this moment. We are looking for minimum one or preferrably two more QL holders. We could make afterwards few...
  11. Pavolko_Gun

    New Group Created - Gunny's QL parties

    Pavolko_Gun has created a new group called Gunny's QL parties.
  12. Pavolko_Gun

    One old dog is back, where are the others?

    Hi guys, just in case you recall me I would be grateful for your support as I have decided to restart, by my game was not recoverable. I have long way to go and will appreciate more friends. I was already in touch with some other dinosaurs, but would appreciate more as soon as I grab some items...
  13. Pavolko_Gun

    Open party today 20:30 CET

    Hi, looking for other guys to join the race to grab around 60 launches. I have 2 Russians with QL on Flist and close to 300 friends. Any other QL welcomed. Cheers
  14. Pavolko_Gun

    Weekend code for 7 August 2015

  15. Pavolko_Gun

    Am I able to find two more guys to start this weekend?

    Guys, I am open for any suggestion from your side. I need 2 more alien legacy statues and it would great to make a small party together. So if you share this idea, please put down the time possibilities and we will see of we can launch it. After one session we can easily switch to red pad or any...
  16. Pavolko_Gun

    QL red - party on Saturday and Sunday this weekend

    @Pavolko_Gun - 1 @pegasus - 2 @eat007 - 3 @S3R3G4 - 4 @M22 - 5 @flip123 - only partially available So far the guys allocation with QL for weekend RED launches: Saturday 7:00 p.m. GMT - 1, 2, 5 Sunday 11:15 a.m. GMT - 1, 2, 4 Sunday 5:00 p.m. GMT- 1, 2, 3, 5 Each session will...
  17. Pavolko_Gun

    Saturday 26th July 2014 - Android Daily Trade Thread

    To make the trading experience as easy as possible, please post the following details in your post and in your signature: Username/Friend Code In-Game Name Items Required Items You Can Send If you already have these details in your signature, please feel free to post "See Signature" or copy...
  18. Pavolko_Gun

    Saturday 10th May 2014 - Android Daily Trade Thread

    Thanks to all for the gifts. Would appreciate to continue trading fuel20. Post me please in case you need something extra from my list. All the best
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