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  1. Asondh

    Awarded 1100 Stars 🌟

    Please award 1100 stars . Thanks in advance Sharn
  2. Asondh

    Trading Partners Needed for 4 Level 80 Supports

    Looking for Daily and Stable Trading Partners for Higher Level Gifts . I have a few Level 80 supports that can gift to your main. I expect the same in Return. PM Me to setup the Trade. Regards Sharn
  3. Asondh

    Awarded 1000 Star Reached

    Reached my personal goal of 1000 stars . 🌟 Thanks for the award in advance
  4. Asondh

    Awarded 900 stars 🌟

    That was quick 800 to 900 . Thanks to new event Please award
  5. Asondh

    Awarded 800 Stars

    Kindly award 800 badge . Screenshot enclosed Tia Sondh
  6. Asondh

    Resetting Bilateral Gifting

    I completely revamped my Gifting , hence any Bilateral Gifting done with some you guys has been reset as well. this is for the kind information please Regards Sharn
  7. Asondh

    Awarded 700 Stars

    Forgot to claim 600 then almost forgot 700. Touching 800 soon . Please award 700 stars badge Thanks and Regards Sharn
  8. Asondh

    Android Visa Centre Trouble with Posessed Passengers

    Today while collecting my PAX from Visa center , i noticed that it had collected some posessed passengers too from last event . Now it wont let me collect my PAX too . apprently warhehousing all six visa centres didnt help either Now Stuck :( have raised a ticket though
  9. Asondh

    Awarded 500 and counting

    Well , nothing more to add here , but thanks for the 500 stars banner in advance .
  10. Asondh

    Suggestion to Change 24 Hr Timer to 23:30

    I generally Launch 1 Red Rocket a Day that is First time in the Morning. The Problem is the 24 Hour Timer. It generally takes 30 minutes to prep and launch a Rocket , So , if I launch a Rocket 8:00 AM it will Retuen 8:00 the day After. add 30 mins and your next launch will be 8:30 Am . and it...
  11. Asondh

    Awarded Reached 350 , Next is 500

    Kindly update to 350 Thanks in advance
  12. Asondh

    Change Forum Name ?

    Just curious .. Is it possible to change the forum name ? Need to keep forum name and game name as same . Thanks for any input in advance Regards Sharn
  13. Asondh

    2 QL Launches in progress

    Hop in if anyone would like
  14. Asondh

    Doing a few

    launching a few REDs with 2 QL . Joiners welcome
  15. Asondh

    Adventure Map

    I just completed my First Map Run [Machu Pichu] needed two Maps to complete and get 36 Bas-Relief of the Inca. [persuming 36 of all items required to get 6 Aztec Pyramid Now My question is : I have Time left on the Map of around 2 hours , is it required to have more than 36 items ? to be used...
  16. Asondh

    Mission Control LVL 2

    Need Solar Cell x 2 , Spaceship Launch console x 4 , Communication Antenna x 3 , Optical System x 4 I can send , Spaceship Launch console . Or other things you may need. This Account is Level 33 and Fr Code is : 20v5806aj
  17. Asondh

    Android Black friday Sale

    So , Much Awaited Black friday Sale is Here . My Question here is for High Level Players with years of Experience behind them Should i Go For 10 Mustery Bulings 1 , or 10 Mustery Buildings 2 ( i want Training Centres and Planetariums ) or should i Go for 10 S2 Owl/ Hawk Planes Advice is...
  18. Asondh

    Awarded 150 , Hell Yeah

    Level 61 , 150 stars , about 2 1/2 months . Building up stocks , will go after more skill stars after reaching 80
  19. Asondh

    Red Launch My First Launch _ Successfully Closed

    First launch for me Hope it succeeds First taken TIA
  20. Asondh

    Red Launch First Red Launch

    Hope to make my first attempt at Red Lauch a successful one Currently at 1576/3000 Welcome to join Find my code in signature
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