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  1. Maverick68

    It Came From Outer Space 2022 Award

    Done and thanks!
  2. Maverick68

    Spring is Here 2022 Award

    Done and thanks!
  3. Maverick68

    Which bonus is for the bunny drops?

    Also, a "disturbance" is what the bonuses now refer to entities\hazards.
  4. Maverick68

    Airport City buildings in real life

    Apparently the 1934 Narkomtiazhprom (People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry) competition. Modern rendition of towers plus info: https://www.behance.net/gallery/54327409/Leonidovs-Narkomtiazhprom
  5. Maverick68

    Easter Cheer 2022 Event Discussion

    Ever heard of Karl-Heinz Pfisterer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pfisterer_Group
  6. Maverick68

    Android Progrees Easter Cheer return back to beginning

    Here's a direct link: https://gameinsight.helpshift.com/hc/en/16-airport-city/contact-us/
  7. Maverick68

    Easter Cheer 2022 Award

    Done and thanks!
  8. Maverick68

    Easter Cheer 2022 Event Discussion

    Easter event actually started Friday around 5 GMT (a bit late due to issue) so depends on the time where you're located. What platform (Android, Windows, Trail or Apple)? Trail has been delayed in the past separate from others. Different account as in separate email, per device? Otherwise, bad...
  9. Maverick68

    Which bonus is for the bunny drops?

    Believe GI has referred to event "entities outside city" as such for awhile because of required interaction? 🤔
  10. Maverick68

    Easter Cheer 2022 Event Discussion

    Check in the Windows store app (icon along bottom) within 'Library' (along left side near bottom) and should indicate an update is available. https://winaero.com/install-apps-microsoft-store-mylibrary-windows-10/
  11. Maverick68

    Which bonus is for the bunny drops?

    You mean beyond their text descriptions?
  12. Maverick68

    Awarded Next!

    Oh, 🆗 VIMY RIDGE DAY (y)
  13. Maverick68

    Awarded Next!

    Banner too please? @Chloe11111
  14. Maverick68

    Windows Arrow keys - latest update broke them.

    Probably in the next update to an upgrade for an upgrade. :ROFLMAO: Already submit a ticket\bug report to GI?
  15. Maverick68

    Awarded Next!

  16. Maverick68

    Airport Cash???

    Here's a thread with helpful info: Thread 'Starting fast ... gathering coins' https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/starting-fast-gathering-coins.30564/
  17. Maverick68

    On The Wings of Love 2022 Award

    Done & thanks. Difficult but NO greens or real cash spent to achieve!
  18. Maverick68

    General Solidarity - a token gesture

    Believe so. Accredited as chairman and who moved company to Lithuania. Here's a related article: https://lithuaniatribune.com/from-sailing-the-barents-sea-to-international-investor-game-insight-chairman-igor-matsanyuk/
  19. Maverick68

    General Solidarity - a token gesture

    Game Insight is Lithuanian based but was formed via merger of multiple companies including Road 404 (studio), the original developers of AC, out of Moscow, Russia. This structure is very common in the computer software industry (especially gaming, most large studios have teams around the globe...
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