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    It Came From Outer Space 2022 Award

    I am a bit late ... again
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    Dancing With The Leprechauns 2022 Award

    Think I forgot to post my picture
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    New Group Created - ZIE ring group

    Le petit prince has created a new group called ZIE ring group. This group is for the ZIE rings, dedicated to exchanging all types of items
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    Weekend code? Jan 28th?

    Chinese New Year: maybe we can expect something special for the midweek code
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    Riding The Comet 2022 Award

    Late ... but here it is
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    Winter Dream 2022 Award

    Before I forget to post ... here it is
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    Holiday Rush 2021 Award

    Here I am
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    Thanksgiving Day 2021 Award

    Think I am late again
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    Top 100 alliance looking for players

    Transway is a top 100 alliance. We are looking for active players that want to play in a relaxed way. No tasks required. We offer a good team that will help players to grow. We communicate through messenger. We aim at players that can fly a minimum of 50k pax a week. Interested? send me a PM.
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    Awarded 800

    Another milestone reached
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    World of Wildlife 2021 Award

    Here is mine
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