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  1. Maverick68

    Awarded Next!

  2. Maverick68

    Upcoming December Events

    G! maybe have combined Santa's Bad Mood\Day or just renamed. 🎅 🤔
  3. Maverick68

    Awarded Made it to 500!

  4. Maverick68

    Upcoming November Events

  5. Maverick68

    Mid-week Bonus Code - *lightning05*

  6. Maverick68

    Upcoming October Events

  7. Maverick68

    Upcoming September Events

  8. Maverick68

    Update 8.18.36 out on Android

    Preload for next event? Very early if so. 🤔 Maybe some actual bug fixes. Unsure since no new details provided!!! 🤬
  9. Maverick68

    Some prior suggestions visualized

    My editing and graphic skills are, well, weak but thought would be fun to visualize some ideas that players have provided; a "what if": Water - added a lake\river on left (similar to load screen image) Bridge - tossed this in crossing the water for realism Boneyard - some older planes for...
  10. Maverick68

    Upcoming August Events

  11. Maverick68

    Mid-week 7/27 bonus code - *ash27*

    Bonus code - *ash27* Enjoy!
  12. Maverick68

    Mid-week 7\6 bonus code - *landing6*

    Bonus code - *landing6* Enjoy!
  13. Maverick68

    Upcoming July Events

  14. Maverick68

    Mid-week 6\30 bonus code - *gear29*

    *gear29* Enjoy!
  15. Maverick68

    Mid-week bonus code - *pilot22*

  16. Maverick68

    Airport city aircraft in real life

    Placeholder of threads\discussion #532\#547\#548: https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/airport-city-buildings-in-real-life.40858/post-548827
  17. Maverick68

    Update 8.17.92 out on Android

    Not much to go on aside from game name reference now is 'Airport City - transport manager' 🤔 GI apology for recent technical issues plus some freebies too 🥳
  18. Maverick68

    Upcoming June Events

  19. Maverick68

    Mid-week bonus code - *pick1*

  20. Maverick68

    Update 8.16.22 out for Android

    Great news\interesting:
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