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  1. Kevin1010

    Multiple reds today!

    Hi all, At arround afternoon i Will host ql launches. Feel free to join. You can add me by my code Which is in my signature. Please be aware of the launch rules and dont launch before at least 2 and maybe better 3 qls are in. See ya tomorrow!
  2. Kevin1010

    Reds on pad now

    captain is taken but feel free to join
  3. Kevin1010

    Red on pad

    Captain is taken. Feel free to join and respect the launch rules. You can add me if we are not neigbours yet.
  4. Kevin1010

    Blue Launch Blue on pad 1700/2000

    captain taken Feel free to join @Wes
  5. Kevin1010

    Blue Launch Blue on pad 1390/2000

    captain taken by me. All others are open. Feel free to join @Wes
  6. Kevin1010

    Blue Launch new blue on pad

    captain taken. any other Seat availeble
  7. Kevin1010

    Greenies and coins sale now

    Just saw the offer for the coins and greens. That has changed or at least at my AirPort Normally it was x3 and now x2. So way less greens for same price. It 1/3 less. Anyone else see this?
  8. Kevin1010

    General Any advice on these buildings

    hello all, What do you Guys with buildings like alamno, aeroclub. That big wall museum, saloon or cardiolgy. It seems it just coins. There are a lot of buildings lately. But do they have an advantage or is it just to spend land?
  9. Kevin1010

    General Done

  10. Kevin1010

    iOS Max pax,fuel,pop

    hello all, What is the max fuel, passengers and population you can have in ur City? Ofcourse with all upgrades done.. Thanks for the help
  11. Kevin1010

    Green Launch Daily green on pad

    captain taken. Other spots are open. Feel free to join
  12. Kevin1010

    iOS Understandable high amount peb

    so now and then i join Some ql launches and i see then people do like 25 or even more launches with 2100 points So they have a lot of peb. How is this possible they add at least 4 per launch Which means they have 100 peb.
  13. Kevin1010

    iOS How many launch building possible

    hellp all, How many launch buildings you get from launches can u have? Sometimes i see 10 rocket gardens or sometimes 6 in someone his AirPort
  14. Kevin1010

    iOS Gifts problem

    helllo, It seems my gifts dont come in good. Also they are not counted. I get showers while people send me something else. At least 3. I have only 2 in my stock. So they are not counted aswel. Does anyone know?
  15. Kevin1010

    General Flight items by video just 1

    hello all, If we are out of flight items for example beacon or catering we can get one by watching video’s. But its just one or i am missing something? It seems u cannot watch 5 video’s to stock up 5 beacons but you can 1 beacon 1 catering 1 Deicer and So on
  16. Kevin1010

    iOS What flightitem building most neccesary

    hello all, I am on a certain point where i have one of all buildings who produce items like catering or blankets. Which one is the most important and so from that one i need to buy another first. And even more importantly why? And Which one aftet that? It seems catering is not that neccesary...
  17. Kevin1010

    iOS Earplugs only from gifts

    Hello all, Can u get the earplugs only by gift from neighours? I cant find a building who is producing then. Thanks
  18. Kevin1010

    Green Launch Launched

    Captain taken. Other free to grab @Darren Hawken @Bigglesbaz @Jostein @guanoe @Dafsade @Captain WH Rollins @A.Sampeak @Rairai @Joexara @Giana @fertob @nick6901 @reuvenk @Ysl @GAB @Arggers @Spork @Dalija @Zala @Ssam04 @Dmctje @p2p @Dodo @Rairai @Renaldo @DlFl @Tymoneczekkjkiii @Michael
  19. Kevin1010

    Green Launch 1172/1600 captain taken

    green on pad. Captain taken feel free to join. @Darren Hawken @Bigglesbaz @Jostein @guanoe @Dafsade @Captain WH Rollins @A.Sampeak @Rairai @Joexara @Giana @fertob @nick6901 @reuvenk @Ysl @GAB @Arggers @Spork @Dalija @Zala @Ssam04 @Dmctje @p2p @Dodo @Rairai @Renaldo @DlFl @Tymoneczekkjkiii @Michael
  20. Kevin1010

    Green Launch 1330/1600 Cheap 2nd 3rd

    captain taken my friends. feel free to join @Darren Hawken @Bigglesbaz @Jostein @guanoe @Dafsade @Captain WH Rollins @A.Sampeak @Rairai @Joexara @Giana @fertob @nick6901 @reuvenk @Ysl @GAB @Arggers @Spork @Dalija @Zala @Ssam04 @Dmctje @p2p @Dodo @Rairai
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