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    Thanksgiving Day 2021 Award

    Happy Thanksgiving all!
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    Airport City 2021 Award

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    Dark Skies 2021 Award

    Thanks as always!
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    Celestial Festival 2021 Award

    Nice event. I especially like the new building at Level 40. Will fit nicely on my magic square. Plus 28+ new stars to boot! Thanks!
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    World of Wildlife 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance!
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    Back to School 2021 Award

    Hardest part was telling the difference between EC1, 2, and 3. Thanks in advance
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    Down The Rabbit Hole 2021 Award

    I think I like the new format. Daily challenges, and it kept the end result attainable without having to spend $$ Thanks!
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    Drop rates for adventure maps with SC, SG and D all activated?

    Another successful Adventure Map run is in the books. The setup: Bonuses: Sky Captain, Spy Glass, Golden Dice, Dice, Golden Wrench, Junior Pilot, Business Class, Secret Faucet The strategy: Two separate map runs for Colosseum destinations. First time through, fly a single plane to one...
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    Upcoming August Events

    Lesson learned...it takes me about 10 minutes after an event starts to make changes to my city, especially after the last rearrangement I did. Now all (or most) of my Event buildings can be set up in one location, making it easier for neighbors to find. And I'm not making any changes until the...
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    Cinemania 2021 Award

    Lots of leftovers from last year. Feels good to get back in the win column after Age of Ash.
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    The Great Game 2021 Award

    Please and thank you
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    Rock the Sky 2021 Award

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    Upcoming June Events

    On the bright side,I've already got support buildings already sitting in my city from last year. Two Stadiums, Two Brazilian Villas and Two Brazilian Cottages Three Gift Shops. Plus I've got the collections mostly shored up already: Carnival Magic: 7 unclaimed Fan Zone: 1 unclaimed (need to...
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    How is it possible finished event

    Many of these events repeat year after year. I've been playing since about Feb 2020. This event last ran in June 2020, and I had by that time learned enough (and developed my city enough) that I was able to complete the event, with plenty of concert materials left over to immediately upgrade...
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    General Magic Square

    Or going on an Adventure Map run - I usually wait until I have plenty of fuel saved up (gifts and space rewards, etc.). Seems like Pax is always the limiting factor for me on those, especially now that I'm working my way up into Hawk and Eagle map runs.
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    General Magic Square

    I'll be starting a Magic Square next week, as soon as the next half-price land sale begins. Are there any good resources to help you know what bonus-producing buildings you have available, other than just touching on every building to see what its bonus is or putting everything in the...
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    It Came from Outer Space 2021 Award

    Need a judge's ruling....I have completed all 10 tasks but I haven't cashed anything in yet. I'm in a torrid battle between 2nd and 3rd place and I want to wait until the end to cash in my points. Will these screen shots count? I'm okay with a "no" answer, I can retake a screenshot once...
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    Awarded Tree fiddy!!!

    Please and thank you
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