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    Awarded Tree fiddy!!!

    Please and thank you
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    Red Launch Hijacked!

    Hijacked on a Red launch. All points (his and mine) put in in first five minutes. In retrospect I should have made it private until I got 1680 in but never had this happen so fast. Generic name, I can't even post a pic of his city for reference because his game isn't updated. But he's one...
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    What do you consider a good deal on a launch?

    So this morning I found a Blue launch that was at 1994/2000 with only two participants. I quickly joined that one and launched with third place for the final six points. 300 coins for a SFT (who knows, I may have already had one?), netted 5,000 coins and a Space Conqueror 2 kit (6 Silver...
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    Green Launch Poor b*st*rd....

    This was yesterday. I watched this pop up all day long as I was running Green and Blue launches with QL's from neighbors. Best guess is that he accidentally started his own launch and figured it was quicker to just let it go than to try to build up 1600 points and then wait another 24 hours...
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    Awarded 150

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    Rock the Sky gift materials thread

    Since it seems like the drop rate seems low on guest planes, I figured it might be good to create a gift trading thread for the materials we need for Main Stage 2 and 3 upgrades. I can send Banners (Level 2) and Subwoofers (Level 3) if anybody wants to trade. I need everything at this point...
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    Inherited an Alliance...should I try to build it up or just disband the thing and join somewhere else?

    A little bit about me: Level 44, 132 stars, usually fly about 20k pax/week, usually hit 2/3 of Alliance missions, even during events. A little about my existing alliance: Level 3, 90/100 to Level 4, 6 members, very little activity in pax or Alliance missions. I inherited this Alliance a month...
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    Let's talk City Planning

    Do you have a strategic plan for laying out your city, or are things just "wherever it'll fit?" I recently splurged $10 to buy 100 green so I could jump-start a few land expansions. Next expansion will be # 27 when they go on half-price later this week. I currently have about 18 4x4's on the...
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    There seems to be limits to the number of ads you can watch...does anybody know if/how they are divided?

    So I know there's a limit to the number of ads you can watch per day. What I want to understand is, are they divided up into how many you can watch for a certain category? Items needed for flights (maps, landing lamps, etc.) Items needed for buildings (ATM machine, headset, etc.) Items...
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    TIL that the Egg Buildings from the Down the Rabbit Hole event are actual buildings...

    This may be old news because I know the event has been played for a couple of years, but I stumbled across this and thought there might be others interested in learning this. The Egg buildings from the Down the Rabbit Hole event are actual egg- or oval-shaped buildings from around Europe...
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    General Anybody just sitting on gobs of unclaimed collections?

    Anybody else sitting on a ton of unclaimed collections? Here’s my completed list as of this moment: Lost and Found (200/100) – 32 available, 26 Mystery Sets not used yet Paradise Island (60/20) – 1 available, 10 Comfort Class not used yet My Country (80/30) – 12 available, 4 already collected...
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    Best place for treadmill components?

    Hi, and thanks to all the veterans for sharing your wisdom (and your QL's), especially during an event like this one. I've been tapping on neighbor Training Centers and launch pads for weeks, trying to build my base of launch prep materials. I find myself with everything I need to get to 10...
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