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  1. Sol666

    iOS 7.0 - game keeps crashing...

    My browser just chashed while I was reading this thread :ROFLMAO:
  2. Sol666

    7.0 update is out

    And now we wait
  3. Sol666

    Guess it has started

    Scratch my previous post! No longer able.
  4. Sol666

    Guess it has started

    I have the same issue, but only with those that play on Facebook, the others I can visit
  5. Sol666

    Age of Ash 2019 Award

  6. Sol666

    6.31 update

    Any information for us what kind of building it is?
  7. Sol666

    Cinemania 2019 - Award

  8. Sol666

    Amazon No alliance destinations

    Same here
  9. Sol666

    Rock The Sky 2019 - Award

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Sol666

    6.29 Update

    Downloading windows update
  11. Sol666

    6.29 Update

    And ofcourse the first few have the event already completed, while some still don't have the update!
  12. Sol666

    Weekend code 14 June 19

  13. Sol666

    Awarded 150+ star club

    I hope this is the right place now to get my very first banner showing of my 150 stars. Thanks in advance!
  14. Sol666

    6.27 Update

    Looks like this event also has a nice easter egg:
  15. Sol666

    Long Awaited Mail 2019 - Award

    Whoohoo! Complete!
  16. Sol666

    Easter Cheer 2019 - Award

    Whoohoo! Completed!
  17. Sol666

    6.25 update

    Looking forward to the event! Any specific date the update will go online? Monday? tuesday? Next week does span quite a few days.
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