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  1. Sol666

    Weekend code 14 June 19

  2. Sol666

    Awarded 150+ star club

    I hope this is the right place now to get my very first banner showing of my 150 stars. Thanks in advance!
  3. Sol666

    Green Launch QL needed!!!!!!

    I had an oppertunity to join a QL-launch while I was feeding the baby, so I asked my wife to join the launch for me, so I could secure a spot before the launch window was closed. But she accidently clicked on creating a new one. So if anyone with an QL could join my launch that would be super...
  4. Sol666

    General Time before zZz appear in friend list?

    I couldn't find anything on the wikia or the forum about this, but how many day's of inactivity will get you the sleeping status in your friends list?
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