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  1. david smith

    Windows World of wildlife

    on 9/13/21 I contacted Gi support about problems I had with the event, they said they would discuss it with there colleagues and get back to me, I waited 11 days then contacted them ask for an update. And come to find out they closed ticket and never resolved issue. So I opened a new ticket and...
  2. david smith

    General hand flags

    how long did it take u to get 70 hand flags , i got 25 flags in 24 hrs
  3. david smith

    weekend code 9/24 *10years10*

    *10years10* 10,000 coins 10 greenies
  4. david smith

    New Event: Celestial Festival

    facebook AC says u can check cars for additional income, had no luck on windows or androind game
  5. david smith

    windows update out

    finly the update is out
  6. david smith

    midweek code 9/22 *magpie21*

  7. david smith

    weekend code for 9/17 *spoiler17*

  8. david smith

    midweek code 9/15 *falcon14*

  9. david smith

    Trade Sleeping Pill

    im game on gmrdr
  10. david smith

    World of Wildlife 2021 Award

    @Dave heres the proof I completed even since gi hasen't fixed it I'm posting 4 jepg's of all tasks complete
  11. david smith

    Health problem

    get well soon @Husam
  12. david smith

    Green Launch Greeper hijacked

    I posted in launch chat. that greeper GOP capt taken, i circled where Greeper GOP taken in launch chat, and also who hijacked launch
  13. david smith

    Windows WOW problem

    I completed 8 of 10 tasks. but the Task shows 7 of 10. i only need to complete 1 botanic curisoity collection and 85 out of 120 Sri lanka collection. contacted GI support sent these screenshots as proof
  14. david smith

    weekend code 9-10-21 *fuselage10*

  15. david smith

    Cosmic Fuel Station

    gmrdr invite sent
  16. david smith

    Buildings for the event World of Wildlife - Greenhouse, Zoo in your town.

    Gmrdr has zoo lv1 zoo lv2, green house, all in lower right corner
  17. david smith

    Gameraders Lv. 6 alliance has 4 spots open

    tag me when sending invite, we are a relaxed alliance, only need 1 or 2 tasks a week, at least 1 task during event if possible
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