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  1. Neil ellor

    Awarded 1200 Stars

    Another 100 ticked off 1200 Stars
  2. Neil ellor

    New Group Created - Sunday Launch

    Neil ellor has created a new group called Sunday Launch. Weekly Sunday launch
  3. Neil ellor

    Awarded 1100 stars

    Please attach my next banner
  4. Neil ellor

    Russian Game

    Does the Russian game still exist? Anyone know what happened to it? :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  5. Neil ellor

    General Coin max out

    I have been desperately trying to get to 100 m coins as a personnel goal Naively I didn’t expect to reach a 100 limit! Got to start spending ;) ;) :sneaky:
  6. Neil ellor

    Why fuel 3 and not fuel 20?

    Why do neighbours want Fuel 3 and not Fuel 20 when gifting? Please explain!
  7. Neil ellor


    We have all been missing our friendly neighbour @Happy Helen I have since found out she has had a skiing accident and is stuck in a French hospital with a broken Tibia, please see her comments below wishing her a speedy recovery Hi team! I am currently in hospital in Albertville, after skiing...
  8. Neil ellor

    Any thinking of red QL this weekend

    Title says it. Anyone thinking of going red QL I can add QL but just as support Let me know if anyone is willing to go for it
  9. Neil ellor

    Blue launch today 12:00 UK

    Blue QL start time 12:00 UK (2 Hours from now) All places up for grabs, free for all Please let the QL join before adding big items, there should be enough time for everyone I plan to do around 70 blue, collections and time permitting I will add QL from Captain tneil and Captain Ne2 I have been...
  10. Neil ellor

    Who wants a QL party (Blue)

    I am thinking of starting a QL Blue tomorrow with 2 QL Anyone else like to join and add a QL Not worried about places just need to catch up on some launches Let me know so I can plan some times
  11. Neil ellor

    Android Can't collect from Planetarium

    I have noticed over the last few days that I am unable to collect from some of my neighbours Planetarium using my Andriod game Captain Ne2 The games I have noticed are @InCoNvEnIeNtE - InCoNvEnIeNPassF @greensmith - Waverly Huff I think both of these games are iOS, please confirm, there may be...
  12. Neil ellor

    Extra Stars

    I have noticed that on the destinations that require maps, the flight count have gone up to 100 I think I read this also on another thread I needed a 'Helm of Athena' to help collect a third Ancient Greek Temple so sent out my Jumbos and noticed my flights were set at 49/50 (99/100). I am sure I...
  13. Neil ellor

    iOS Stuck - out of range

    Anyone got an idea how to proceed with this minor task? I have visited neighbours and collected from hangers, various houses, hotels, various shops but didn't collect anything to complete the task on Ne2 don't recall this with my other game Am I missing something silly?
  14. Neil ellor

    You think they don't know

    Please read below mail from GI I have checked your game details and should inform you that according to our database your game was blocked for implementing certain changes to your game which gave you an unfair advantage over other players. At the moment you are restricted from the following game...
  15. Neil ellor

    Time to rock fun

    Yes just sitting here wondering why I am collecting so many leather jacket Who needs them? Who are they? Take a look
  16. Neil ellor

    Another cross forum question - duty free items

    I have been trying to swap and gift chocolate candies with neighbours generally I return what is sent Getting lots of pearl earrings returned? Is this across platform thing like when gifts are returned as fuel? Any one else had the same thing
  17. Neil ellor


    I was wondering what you all think about having more than one runway. Seems a waste of airport space to me? Does anyone have any comments or am I missing something
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