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    The Great Game 2021 Award

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    Rock the Sky 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    8.13 Preview (now in color)

    This is what I was getting at. The promise of a “tropical airplane” as a reward is actually now just a green/yellow paint brush that you can only use on a particular plane!
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    Riding The Comet April 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    8.13 Preview (now in color)

    As a result of this update has the Tropical Plane reward for completing the 10x Spare Parts collection changed. You used to receive a tropical plane whereas now you just get the option to paint an existing plane with tropical livery, no? So you don’t actually get a plane.
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    Easter Cheer 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance and Happy Easter 🐣
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    Awarded 350 Star Club please ⭐️

    Made the next step up but felt like a long way!
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    On the Wings of Love 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    A Walk in the Clouds 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    Dragon Rising 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    Ride the Comet 2021 Award

    Thanks in advance (and to anyone whose QLs I piggybacked on)
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    Dark Skies 2020 Award

    Thanks in advance.
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    Cinemania 2020 Award

    Thanks in advance!
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    World of Wildlife - a fantastic event

    I think flying helicopters to get 6 x Aviary is also rewarding as its good to have another half decent 1x1 passenger building that doesn’t cost greens.
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    Update 8.1 is out

    Does anyone know if these event helicopter destinations can cause a heli break down? I can build a Goldfinch pad (1 day wait) but if I need to wait 6 days to upgrade to Lvl 3 Heli Repair it’s not worth starting and trying to get any Goldfinch event stars.
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    Back to School 2020 Award

    Thanks in advance
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    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

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    Pending Alliance is full (And potentially moving into the top 50)(position filled)

    Hi Dan, I’ve been neighbours with Lunarnut and daily gifting them for a while now. Just yesterday I left my alliance as I was fed up of carrying it each week with daily tasks. I always complete 1 alliance task and very often 2 (3 tasks is less common - if there is a break from or I’ve finished...
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