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  1. PunisherUS

    General Expansion Land is Fix price

    Ok, looked like it was setting it at 180 greenies, not max. I'm good with that!
  2. PunisherUS

    General Expansion Land is Fix price

    More than it's costing me now, so not so hot.
  3. PunisherUS

    Bonus code 20 november 2020

  4. PunisherUS

    Windows Cinemania 2020 messed up rankings: finished 2 after been ahead 2000 tickets all day last day !?

    I usually don't compete but this time I did because I noticed I was up there. I was in there the last 15 mins watching and ramping up tickets. 400 tickets behind 1st. Somehow I ended up 3rd. That's fine, what gets me is that I couldn't see the final ticket numbers for everyone. Did my final...
  5. PunisherUS

    Midweek Code 14-10

  6. PunisherUS

    Friday Ql launch

    Sent request. Thx!
  7. PunisherUS

    Greeper 2nd Ql launched

    Trying to add but not finding. Please add me - 20frp19l Thanks.
  8. PunisherUS

    No more flights

    Sent FR, pls accept!
  9. PunisherUS

    7.17 Preview

    I sent FR, please accept..
  10. PunisherUS

    Green Launch QL Party

    Request sent!
  11. PunisherUS


    missed it?
  12. PunisherUS

    Any one planning QL today?

    Sent a request also. Please add.
  13. PunisherUS

    I just opened a QL

    Send a friend request. Pls add. Cheers!
  14. PunisherUS

    Green Launch g reeper green launched

    @david smith Add me if you would and I'll join in
  15. PunisherUS


    @Teboho Please add me, thanks.
  16. PunisherUS

    Green Launch All welcome, green launch

    I sent you you a request. Thanks. @deficit
  17. PunisherUS

    Welcome PunisherUS to Airport City Game!

    Thanks for intro and heads-up! I have been playing this for a while but never to seriously until about a month or so ago. Looking forward to teaming up with folks.
  18. PunisherUS

    Green Launch Help Needed for QL launch

    Hi. I would like to join your launches. Not sure I have enough time complete mission now but going to try.
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