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  1. LuvCatsGames

    Get experience points for your support/lower level game

    Hello everyone! Are you a fairly new player or have a support game you would like to level up? Shadow Wings regularly gets 30% and has openings. We ask you complete only 1 task per week. On non event flight weeks sometimes we will do 50% but more often than not we hit 30. Send me a message...
  2. LuvCatsGames

    Shadow Wings looking for new members

    Shadow Wings is a level 6 Alliance looking to add a few new members. There is no minimum passenger requirement. The group members decide what percentage to work towards. At this time we are hoping to meet 50% of tasks. Other than doing 1-2 tasks per week regular communication (on the message...
  3. LuvCatsGames

    Jumping in

    Figured a good reward to myself for gaining 150 was to join VIP. Thanks to so many of you who have been super helpful in the few months I’ve been here. :)
  4. LuvCatsGames

    Awarded Arrived 150. Next stop 350

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this point. Happy flying all! :)
  5. LuvCatsGames

    Best use of silver tokens?

    I have just about enough to get a Grand hotel. I know I eventually want to upgrade my hanger but that is so far off. I’d like recommendations on what to buy. What would you purchase first?
  6. LuvCatsGames

    Red Launch Red underway all welcome to join

    Send me a pm or reply here if you send a neighbor request. If it doesn’t finish I’ll finish it mid morning eastern time. 2nd/3rd available.
  7. LuvCatsGames

    Good neighbors needed

    Hey all. :) I’m looking for more good neighbors. I’m in the process of trying to weed out those non-forum neighbors and especially those neighbors who gift what they want not what I clearly request in my game name. If you do that I most likely will gift you what you ask or F20 if I can’t gift...
  8. LuvCatsGames

    Blue Launch Free ride open will launch about 20:00 eastern.

    Anyone welcome to join. 2nd and 3rd available. Please reply here or send me a message if you send a friend request. Code in signature. :)
  9. LuvCatsGames

    Blue Launch 2nd and 3rd available

    I have a blue launch in progress. If anyone is interested reply here and add me. I plan to finish fuel stage by about midnight eastern/21:00 pacific. Please do either reply here or pm me unless we are already friends. I have stopped adding non forum friends so delete all unknown requests.
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