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  1. flyhores

    Fire Tablet

    Perhaps Microsoft is too busy, and small businesses don't care:giggle:
  2. flyhores

    So How Significant Are We, Really?

    For GI or other game companies, only paying users are active, so I think this ratio will be close to 10%
  3. flyhores

    Mail Super Buildings

    It's beautiful, but I don't want it. There is no space to place the building :sleep:
  4. flyhores

    cheating is so hard

    On the computer side, I know that there is a very powerful self-written software similar to automatic click assist, and even if you don't know anything about writing programs, you can easily write some simple game assist programs suitable for you to play through some examples written by...
  5. flyhores

    cheating is so hard

    Correct, mobile phone game assistant tool (you can write your own program), that is, after the game starts to run, you only need to use similar automatic clicks, on the computer, unattended for 24 hours, and automatically click on the plane to take off and land, including repair and use extra fuel.
  6. flyhores

    New iPad

  7. flyhores

    cheating is so hard

    Mobile phones should not be possible, and the PC version may use automatic scripts, which can be operated manually, just like trading EA The programming ability of some people in the game will be very surprising (writing game AIDS)
  8. flyhores

    Red Launch Hijacked!

    I don't know who did it. Mike seems to have seen this ID somewhere. I can't remember it
  9. flyhores

    Windows No visiting allowed and no update available

    Now I suspect that the original contract between Microsoft Store and GI (just guessing) has expired, and the new contract has not reached a good price, and then I blame each other because the normal procedure should not take so long to complete.
  10. flyhores

    Windows No visiting allowed and no update available

    Windows Does it seem that the package hasn't been updated yet, and the neighbors can't be accessed? I still can't visit some neighbors
  11. flyhores

    CLOSED - I found one - I am evaluating what my Alliance Options are at this point

    I know my energy and ability, I can play Go and Chess, both of which are good, so I will assess the bearing capacity in advance when flying those flights, the number of planes and urban buildings.
  12. flyhores

    GoldenGlobe Alliance Opening For 1 Player

    I will revise the plan and strive to transport more passengers next week. Due to the size of the city, I have calculated that it can only last for 40K PAX at most
  13. flyhores

    CLOSED - I found one - I am evaluating what my Alliance Options are at this point

    The plan is to sell two vultures in operation after joining a more active alliance. After the sale, it was discovered that the repair shop had not been upgraded. Finally,I can only buy the plane back ............. Of course, don't tell anyone!!!I can only buy the plane back:sleep:
  14. flyhores

    Awarded 350 stars

    well done!
  15. flyhores

    CLOSED - I found one - I am evaluating what my Alliance Options are at this point

    I'm improving my flight and passenger plane types. I hope to maintain the number of passengers required by the alliance next week and complete 2 tasks most of the time Found out that I had done a stupid thing...............
  16. flyhores

    Take a look at the exotic customs

    In addition to sightseeing, food can't be missed! ! ! Special traditional snacks Special Cuisine in Jiangnan of China: Oil Tofu Shrimp soup
  17. flyhores

    Take a look at the exotic customs

    I went to visit the tourist area kilometers away with my friends and sent some photos. Do any friends want to play? Ancient town entrance Night view of ancient town Of course, except for the scenic spot, it retains its original style hundreds of years ago There are also modern...
  18. flyhores

    Anyone played any of the other GI games?

    GI game Actually, that train is a little interested, but it is a little boring
  19. flyhores

    The Airport City Game - The Twenty Five Special Events Throughout The Game Years For 2021-2020 (v8.14.11)

    Captain WH Rollins' game guide is very clear, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to you here Regards flyhores
  20. flyhores

    Awarded 350 bottles of beer on the wall

    In effort ...............
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