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  1. Old Eagle2

    Transfer game

    Is it possible to transfer the game from windows to android?
  2. Old Eagle2

    Lost events etc.

    Wanted to join this group since we are experiencing the update problem. It gets frustrating in the regular chat room reading the chats about events and things we don't have access to for what I think is too long a time. Anyone have any thoughts as to what the problem is and whose problem is...
  3. Old Eagle2

    Opinion of the Falcon Aircraft

    I would like some opinions on what you think of the Falcon aircraft. Thanks in advance.
  4. Old Eagle2

    Airframe Time

    Does the Airframe time have any connection with the quantity of breakdowns an aircraft has?
  5. Old Eagle2

    Missing Link

    In Commercial buildings, the link is missing for the building "Casa Batllo"
  6. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Almost everything

    First, I received a message that I was expelled from my Alliance (1 man only - me). Second, lost all my neighbore (43). was on the EPIC green launch for 28 Feb and could not see it after clicking the launch icon. Third, was at level 13 in progress on the current event but no event currency...
  7. Old Eagle2

    Runway Priority

    Is there a way to set which runway can be used 1st on takeoff with both runways at the same level?
  8. Old Eagle2

    General Upgrade Items for buildings

    Do upgrade items remain in the gifts to send area after attaining the upgrade (Example: Smart Glass for Terminal level 8)?
  9. Old Eagle2

    Ice shield bonus

    How do I use the Ice shield bonus in the event mini game?
  10. Old Eagle2

    Time in the lobby

    How long can you stay in the lobby without starting or joining a launch?
  11. Old Eagle2

    Laundry Items

    See my Signature for Laundry Bldg items - Due to NO advids, need gifts!
  12. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Tesla Power Plant

    Purchased Tesla Power Plant on sale for 24 Airport cash . Selected use from Warehouse and attempted to place it on the airport side of my city. During this process, the system froze and after a few moments crashed (exited). Restarted the game and there was NO Tesla Power Plant to be found...
  13. Old Eagle2

    Alternative to Ads

    I believe it would be good PR if there was an alternative to ad videos for Windows users. If you can't watch ads then what good are they to the companies that are advertising. There are a whole lot of unhappy people out there regarding advids. There should be an alternative. Nothing is free if...
  14. Old Eagle2

    More Control

    It would be nice if we had more control over which stand to place our planes. Now, if stand #1 is empty, putting a plane to stand puts it in the #1 spot. And so on for each empty stand. Before you could use the reserve hanger to move planes around.
  15. Old Eagle2

    Windows Ad videos keep LOADING.

    Ad videos keeping displaying "loading" when trying speedups for buildings and flights.
  16. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Fuel

    I turned on Bottomless Barrel to double fuel from 161 to 322. Let it run overnight. Restarted game this morning, fuel meter read 161/161. What happened to the extra fuel?
  17. Old Eagle2

    Awarded One - Five - Oh Finally!

    Took awhile but had fun doing it.
  18. Old Eagle2

    Would like to talk (via PM) from my Current neighbors re: future launches

    Would like to discuss setting up Green and Blue launches with current friends only Please respond with a PM.
  19. Old Eagle2

    Joining a Launch

    Can someone join a launch if they are friends with another joiner but not with the one who started the launch?
  20. Old Eagle2


    How to fly here?
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