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  1. Old Eagle2

    Transfer game

    Thanks Chloe. I'm not quite ready to shift gears yet, but REAL close. Getting pretty frustrated with the Windows version.
  2. Old Eagle2

    Transfer game

    Which is better, Contact support from the Windows game or from supports web site or the android game?
  3. Old Eagle2

    Transfer game

    Is it possible to transfer the game from windows to android?
  4. Old Eagle2

    Lost events etc.

    Wanted to join this group since we are experiencing the update problem. It gets frustrating in the regular chat room reading the chats about events and things we don't have access to for what I think is too long a time. Anyone have any thoughts as to what the problem is and whose problem is...
  5. Old Eagle2

    Special WINDOWS PLAYERS - Riding The Comet April 2021 Award

    Thanks Dave and the forum. This OldEagle appreciates it.
  6. Old Eagle2

    Windows Problem... Pls read, With Questions

    Can I join launches even though I can't visit my neighbors (no Windows update)?
  7. Old Eagle2

    Spring is Here 2021 Award

    Lots of blood, sweat and tears.
  8. Old Eagle2

    Opinion of the Falcon Aircraft

    I would like some opinions on what you think of the Falcon aircraft. Thanks in advance.
  9. Old Eagle2

    Airframe Time

    It would make things more authentic at least.
  10. Old Eagle2

    Airframe Time

    Does the Airframe time have any connection with the quantity of breakdowns an aircraft has?
  11. Old Eagle2

    Easter Cheer 2021 Award

    Made it thanks to my neighbors!!!
  12. Old Eagle2

    Missing Link

    The real building is very cool. Thanks for your work.
  13. Old Eagle2

    Missing Link

    In Commercial buildings, the link is missing for the building "Casa Batllo"
  14. Old Eagle2

    On the Wings of Love 2021 Award

    Lost 6 days but still made it!
  15. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Neighbors, Alliance..

    Did you ever get a fix for this problem. I'm having the same thing happening.
  16. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Almost everything

    Thanks. We were neighbors in my lost friends. Waiting for G! to fix it. If they can't, I certainly will add you back in whenever things settle down.
  17. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Almost everything

    Not a good club to belong to. By chance, did your id code change.? Mine changed and I found another person who had the same thing happen. Tried contacting them but so far no reply. Their post is in this same problem forum. Did G! ever resolve the issue and recover your friends?
  18. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Almost everything

    It's very frustrating. Some things still work but afraid to do too much fearing more may gey corrupted. Maybe if G! knew that my grandparents were from Vilnius, Lithuania (True), I could get help faster :)
  19. Old Eagle2

    Windows Lost Almost everything

    You had the right game. Still don't know what happened. Got a ticket into G! but you know how slow they are. Since there was no bad messages, there is hope that G! will resolve the problem. Thanks for responding to my post.
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