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  1. maxsander

    Awarded 500 stars

    Please upgrade.
  2. maxsander

    Statue of Paul Bunyan

    Does anyone knows who has it??
  3. maxsander

    Looking for a good alliance top 100

    Looking for a top 100 Alliance, i can fly about 60k week and one task
  4. maxsander

    500 gold tokens

    Is there anyone who bought or is thinking to buy the building that costs 500gold tokens??
  5. maxsander

    city hall

    in need 7 air purifier 5 high speed elevator. 1ev charging friend code 23rlsro8
  6. maxsander

    city hall

    all itens in need to build city hall level 11 and 7 aerosol
  7. maxsander

    aerosol please, lots of them

    need 20 aerosol to complete the event friend code 23rlsro8
  8. maxsander

    need itens to complete city hall level 11

    need all items ro complete city hall level 11 any help will be well received
  9. maxsander

    General reserve hangar

    I have two slots on my reserve hangar and I don't know the use for it, can I fly 12 planes and 2 from reserve hangar and if so how to use it cause I don't know how to use it
  10. maxsander

    General level 79/80

    level 79/80 points needed, I'm level 73 and 500k points to pass, and wondering how many at these level
  11. maxsander

    Windows game reset and no map to play and restore

    anyone know how to solve this problem
  12. maxsander

    new member to tamgol alliance

    players who can fly 15k/ week will be appreciated so we can build up and grow more and more
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