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  1. rxxxxxx

    Lost my phone with all my progress, sadly :(

    I lost my phone with all my progress recently, now if I start a new game on my new phone, will I be identified as cheating?
  2. rxxxxxx

    Blue Launch On pad 176/2000 all the positions available

    I started a launch by an accident, but I have not enough supply storage, so there is a high chance that you may be the 1st. Please feel free to join~ 04nyj7by, I will respond after 10 hours.
  3. rxxxxxx

    Hi every body~

    I'm new here and currently my level is 25and 33 stars, 4 hearts my code is 04nyj7by my id in the game is rxxxxxx (There are 6 xs~) Items I can send: Wheel Block || Computer || Fuel(3/20) || Fuel Catalyst || Disposable Shampoo || Pearl Earings || Paint || Generator || Tour Review || Landing...
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