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  1. Anderson Libera

    Green Launch Green Launch - 600 points

    Green Launchs - I need 600 points to launch, 10h to ended.
  2. Anderson Libera

    Looking for alliance

    Looking for alliance I can do 2/3 tasks , looking for active alliance. New player, but playing everyday.
  3. Anderson Libera

    Green Launch Green starts now

    New Green Launch Started All positions up friend code: 04bzytkzc
  4. Anderson Libera

    Need Neighbours

    Hello Everyone I need neighbors with stadium to complete the quest. Anyone help ? My code is in my sign.
  5. Anderson Libera

    Blue Launch Blue Launch

    Hi Guys, Blue Launch on 950 pts to launch. Bye
  6. Anderson Libera

    Looking for active alliance

    Hi guys, I looking for an active alliance .
  7. Anderson Libera

    Green Launch New Launch starts

    1st available, i need 1000 points
  8. Anderson Libera

    Green Launch Launch for more 5hours

    Hi Guys, I really new in this game and launched my first mission. But, I need help to complete the points mission, at least 1000 points. I don't know how its works fine. username: andek code: 04nwspex android
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