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  1. Thedoe42


    Why is it so hard to get a horseshoe from a neighbors Leprechaun?
  2. Thedoe42

    Airport City APK Files

    @Renaldo @Driodhak @Bali Hi Hi all, try this, it seems to have worked for me. Tap the Settings Cogwheel. Tap Display, then Screen Resolution. Make sure you are running at FHD+ or WQHD+ resolution, not HD+ resolution. Go back to Settings. Tap Apps, then Google Play Store. Tap Storage, then...
  3. Thedoe42

    Airport City APK Files

    yes I'm using the google store, it use to work then stopped.
  4. Thedoe42

    Airport City APK Files

    I'd like to know why my s7 is not compatible yet my s4 is; I'm wondering if it has anything to do with developer mode or something?
  5. Thedoe42

    Airport City APK Files

    I have the same problem so I downloaded mine from here today. http://www.androidappsgame.net/download/com.gameinsight.airport. I know it's not the gi server but it seems fine to me. only problem is it doesn't look like it's downloading but then it downloads however many times you tapped the...
  6. Thedoe42

    Black Friday Sale?

    Come on GI get into the spirit of it, I was hoping for a good offer today.
  7. Thedoe42

    Android Passengers Glitch

    it was defo a glitch because the odd building said the terminal was full then gave me others.. I wish it would of kept going.
  8. Thedoe42

    Android Passengers Glitch

    No I've still got my doll; I don't tend to use any of them unless a quest requires me to.
  9. Thedoe42

    Android Passengers Glitch

    I had an interesting glitch yesterday where my terminal was full but i could still collect passengers from my houses. I had nearly double the terminal capacity. I don't know how it happened but has anyone else had this?
  10. Thedoe42

    Tips for support accounts

    ok thanks, I'll just keep going with this one then.
  11. Thedoe42

    Tips for support accounts

    Hi anyone. I have a support account I'm trying to get up to a decent level for gifting but the gifts are rubbish tbh even on my main game, is there a way of improving my gift selection or is it just random what they let you gift? In Dark skies I couldn't even gift Aerosols.
  12. Thedoe42

    Android & iOS - Weekly Trading Thread - October 30, 2017

    That explains why I'm not getting as many now.
  13. Thedoe42

    Android & iOS - Weekly Trading Thread - October 30, 2017

    Am i the only one that can't send aerosols, I'm desperate for them now.
  14. Thedoe42

    Can anyone gift me an Archive Box?

    request sent
  15. Thedoe42

    Add me!

    Sent you a request - thanks
  16. Thedoe42

    Phone not compatible Still!!!!

    No It's fine, I went to google play and it just says not compatible with my device, had this issue for the last 3 updates. GI just said I can transfer my game to a new device. loads of help there GI. I downloaded the updated apk from another location and it worked fine. I was just venting and...
  17. Thedoe42

    Phone not compatible Still!!!!

    Yet another update and my samsung s7 edge is not compatible for this game so had to download the APK file from an alternative location.
  18. Thedoe42


    @Teboho Hi I just sent you a friends request so I can send the Yugi-uda antenna. I tried sending in the past but it wouldn't send anything. I've updated my signature too
  19. Thedoe42

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me a defroster?

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me a defroster?
  20. Thedoe42

    Event items needed urgently

    @AshPort I can send items if you need any?
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