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  1. david smith

    Red Launch Ds2 red launched

    1496 of 3000,capt taken others open, 23hrs 53 mins
  2. david smith

    Greeper furniture factory

    sliding table saw x5 edge banding machine x5 boaring machine x4 hammer drill x6
  3. david smith

    ranger1 town hall lv 4 completed

    town hall completed
  4. david smith

    Gameraders lv 5 alliance full

    gameraders is looking for 1 member who can fly 6,000 to 10,000 pax a week, and 1 or 2 alliance flights a a week, tag , me when sending invite
  5. david smith

    weekend code for 4/2

  6. david smith

    DS2 Furniture factory completed

  7. david smith

    Easter Cheer Event Started

    well no break for us, lets rock this event
  8. david smith

    Update 8.12.16 is out, is it out on ur platform yet

    8.12.16 is out on windows
  9. david smith

    Android lost irish house on 3/15 contacted gi support

    i contacted gi support about the loss of irish house on 3/15, come 10 days later i contacted them to find out what was happening, those morons closed the ticket, so now i half to open new ticket
  10. david smith

    Awarded I hit 500 stars

    here my pic for 500 stars @Dave @Husam @Chloe11111 @Barkmi4 (Mike) please and thanx
  11. david smith

    invite alliance list

    I've got a neighbor who wants to join my alliance, but he or she not showing up in my invite list, my alliance type is set to by request only
  12. david smith

    General redesign your airport

    i thought about an idea, how about gi give us a one every few years we get to store all buildings amd redesign our airports, pole open for 2 weeks,
  13. david smith

    ✈️ Pilots, the tech guy Alex is starting an inspection in your hangars ✈️

  14. david smith

    lv. 5 gameraders looking for 2 flyers

    rules are 1. contact me before going on extended break 2. complete 1 or 2 alliance tasks a week,except during event then 1 task 3 fly passengers 4.tag me when sending invite
  15. david smith

    ranger1 flight school completed

    flight school flight helmet x1 flight goggles x1
  16. david smith

    General ranger1 game reactived

    send to invite-04hhhdfdh
  17. david smith

    weekend code for 3/12

  18. david smith

    galway castle

    @Chloe11111 here u go
  19. david smith

    Android Ds2 game down

    lost all progress, tried playing to lv3 no choice between games, so i contacted gi support hoping they can restore progress
  20. david smith

    Ranger 1

    please delete ranger 1, im not playing it anymore
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