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    Red Launch 1076/3000 all spots open

    red launch (16 hrs remaining) 1076/3000 All spots open !! Please send invitation= 03i3stn7
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    Blue Launch Blue on pad 1200/2000 11 hrs left

    Blue on pad 1200/2000 11 hrs left Send friend invitation 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch 500/1600 all postions opened

    500/600 all postions opened Send invite on 03i3stn7
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    Blue Launch Launched

    560/2000 all postions open need your support Please send invite on 03i3stn7 thank you
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    Blue Launch 380/2000 help all postions open

    300/2000 all postions opened Send invitation on 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch 702/1600 13 hrs remaining

    250/1600 green all postions available Add me on 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch 1388/1600 cheap 3rd postions left

    200/1600 all postions opened Green on pad Send invite 03i3stn7
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    Blue Launch Launched

    Blue launch all postions available 212/2000 Please send friend invite 03i3stn7
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    Blue Launch Launched thanks everyone

    552/2000 all postions opened 24 hrs Please send an invite on 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch 456/1600 all postions opened

    green launch 456/1600 All postions opened 24 hrs left Send friend request 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch Launched

    360/1600 all postions open Send friend invite On 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch Launched

    1038/1600 17 hours left I am on 664 And @yulcha at 374 Friend code : 03i3stn7
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    Green Launch Launched thanks BKW

    All positions available Green Pad is still live 7 h remaining currently I am 760/1600 and no one joined yet My friend code: 03i3stn7 Would love to succeed in my first launch
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    Green Launch Green launch

    just started a green launch please join and add me ❤️ My Friend code 03i3stn7
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