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  1. Thedoe42


    Why is it so hard to get a horseshoe from a neighbors Leprechaun?
  2. Thedoe42

    Black Friday Sale?

    Come on GI get into the spirit of it, I was hoping for a good offer today.
  3. Thedoe42

    Android Passengers Glitch

    I had an interesting glitch yesterday where my terminal was full but i could still collect passengers from my houses. I had nearly double the terminal capacity. I don't know how it happened but has anyone else had this?
  4. Thedoe42

    Tips for support accounts

    Hi anyone. I have a support account I'm trying to get up to a decent level for gifting but the gifts are rubbish tbh even on my main game, is there a way of improving my gift selection or is it just random what they let you gift? In Dark skies I couldn't even gift Aerosols.
  5. Thedoe42

    Phone not compatible Still!!!!

    Yet another update and my samsung s7 edge is not compatible for this game so had to download the APK file from an alternative location.
  6. Thedoe42

    Can anyone send a lining plate

    Hi all, I now have all my planes broken and only need 1 lining plate to upgrade my repair base. I'm gonna find out what I need first next time I upgrade anything.
  7. Thedoe42

    I Really Need Help!!!

    Help! I was prompted to upgrade my repair center to level 4 in order to fix delta planes, since then all but one of my planes are broken and the flights to Sydney are not dropping anything. If that plane breaks down I wont be able to fly. Need: Amperemeter x 1; Lining Plate x 3; Hull Parts x 2;
  8. Thedoe42

    Any one wanna join a new trading group and possible alliance?

    To make the trading experience as easy as possible, please post the following details in your post and in your signature: Username/Friend Code In-Game Name Items Required Items You Can Send If you already have these details in your signature, please feel free to post "See Signature" or copy...
  9. Thedoe42

    Trading ring

    Please does anyone want to help or need help? I am struggling to fulfill my flights due to needing this that and the other, yet the items don't seem to drop I'm sure others are in the same predicament.
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